RSS Subscription with IE10 or 11

How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds with Internet Explorer 10 and 11

Step 1

Navigate to a favorite website — like Professor Main's blog, iSchool Curriculum Center:

Internet Explorer 10 Screenshot

Step 2

Locate the RSS button (RSS Icon) in the browser's command bar (if the command bar is not visible, right-click near the top of your browser and check Command bar):

Internet Explorer 10 Screenshot

Click or key the RSS button (depending on your settings, you may need to experiment by selecting "RSS" or "ATOM" from a drop-down menu next to the button).

Note: When visiting sites that do not offer RSS, the RSS icon will appear gray (RSS Icon- Grey) and will not be functional.

Step 3

The RSS content of the feed will be displayed, and you will be given the option to subscribe.

If you do not see the option to subscribe, try returning to the previous page and making a different selection from the drop-down menu to the right of the RSS button.

Internet Explorer 10 Screenshot

Click or key the Subscribe to this feed link.

Step 4

Internet Explorer will ask you where to store the feed:

Internet Explorer 10 Screenshot

The default location is a folder called Feeds.

Click or key the Subscribe button to accept the default location and continue.

Step 5

Now, you can check your RSS feeds at any time. Go to View > Explorer bars > Feeds (or press Ctl+Shift+G) to display a list of all the feeds you are currently subscribed to:

Internet Explorer 10 Screenshot

Click on the name of a feed to read it.

Step 6

The feed content will be displayed in your browser window:

Internet Explorer 10 Screenshot