skull_face’s mini YA library
Adolfo Gomez-Delgado, 2021 Showcase

Showcase INFO 265 - Materials for Young Adults

skull_face's mini YA library


skull_face’s mini YA library: This blog was created for INFO265 with the intent of sharing it with young people utilizing our branch library. It highlights a small collection of contemporary Young Adult materials including print (books) and non-print items (audiobooks, podcasts, music, video games, and TV/film). Each post includes a summary of the title being reviewed, bibliographic info, and a short analysis that contextualizes the title’s inclusion in the collection. This short collection emphasizes recent releases and trends in today’s youth media.
Adolfo Gomez-Delgado

Adolfo Gomez-Delgado has been working for public libraries in the Bay Area since 2018. After receiving his B.A. in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and his MS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan, he decided to change career paths and pursue an MLIS with the goal of becoming a Youth Librarian. Adolfo is committed to increasing literacy rates in his community and creating a safe space that is conducive toward lifelong learning. A fan of manga, movies, and the outdoors, Adolfo plans to integrate his experiences as a field biologist and his passion for education to more effectively connect young people to the resources they need.