Five Reasons to Join SLISConnect

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If you’re new to SJSU SLIS and looking for a way to meet fellow students, as well as alumni who are working as information professionals, joining the student-alumni association called SLISConnect can help you accomplish that goal.

In fact, here are five great reasons to get involved with SLISConnect:

  • It’s fully online, so current students and alum can participate no matter where they live. Through SLISConnect’s website, blog and social media channels, there are plenty of ways to join in the discussions and activities.
  • Taking an active role in SLISConnect’s programs or serving as an officer provides opportunities to develop marketable skills needed by information professionals, such as leadership, strategic planning, marketing and outreach.
  • Through events and other collaborative activities, students get to interact with and learn from others farther along in the SJSU SLIS program and graduates who’ve already begun their careers as information professionals.
  • You can participate in SLISConnect’s discussions regarding online tools that can help you be a more successful student and prepare you for success after graduation. The organization’s newly launched 23 Things project includes tutorials about a range of online tools, as well as the chance to chat about those tools with others. (Note that the 23 Things project does not replace the content you’ll cover in your LIBR 203 course, but provides an informal learning environment to explore technology.)
  • It gives students a chance to network and build personal and professional relationships with other SLIS students and alumni that can last long after earning that degree, and may even help you with a future job search.

Have you checked out SLISConnect yet? If so, you may have found some other great benefits. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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