National Hispanic Heritage Month
iSchool Presents EDI Online Symposium October 11

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Published: September 19, 2022 by Eori Tokunaga

Please join the SJSU iSchool in celebrating and recognizing the achievements of our Hispanic and Latino/a/x communities as we honor National Hispanic Heritage Month. 

“Our commitment to celebrating Hispanic and Latinx communities is consistent; it is an everyday effort that we continue to build upon every step of the way. Our decision to commemorate a heritage month is not a performative act, nor does it go unnoticed once that particular month has passed. In light of the history of this nation, as well as the political and social issues that affect us all, we firmly believe that it is important for us to stand up during celebratory dates, as well as continue our efforts to foster a community that believes that equity, diversity, and inclusion are attainable goals.” – Alejandro Palacios and Dr. José Aguiñaga 

On September 17, 1968, Hispanic heritage became officially recognized during the week of September 15 in order to celebrate the achievements of Hispanic Americans, while also garnering more attention for legislative and grassroots efforts to uplift the Hispanic American community. What originally started out as a week of honoring Hispanic Americans has now grown into a month-long celebration of Hispanic and Latinx Americans, signed officially into law on August 17, 1988. (source: United States House of Representatives

In October 2021, the SJSU iSchool hosted a symposium on how to better understand and serve our Hispanic/Latinx community, “Making Vital Connections.” Symposium panelists talked about the importance of incorporating Spanish into outreach services, adding more Hispanic programs and committees into library systems, as well as creating more space for our indigenous community members. 

In recognition of the national theme for National Hispanic Heritage Month 2022, the SJSU iSchool will be hosting an EDI Symposium on Tuesday, October 11, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Pacific Time titled, “Unifying the Information Community.” Please join us as we celebrate our keynote speaker, Dr. Romelia Salinas, and our panel of speakers. 

Register here for this free event: 


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