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Published: May 14, 2018 by Priscilla Ameneyro

Congrats to all the grads! A master’s degree is a huge accomplishment that you should be very proud of. I’m sure you’re eager to celebrate and your friends and family will want to recognize you too. Whether you go the traditional route and attend a graduation ceremony in-person or you participate in convocation online, be sure to make it memorable. You deserve to be acknowledged and have some fun. Here’s some ideas for different ways you can celebrate:

Onsite Commencement
If you’re in the area or feel like a trip to sunny California, you can attend the commencement onsite. This year the event is being held close to San José State University at the Avaya Stadium on May 25 at 5 pm. Don your regalia and get ready to strut across the stage! If someone can’t make it, the ceremony will be streamed live from the university’s homepage.

Virtual Graduation
For those of you too far away (or maybe you just prefer to stay home), the School of Information also hosts a virtual synchronous online celebration via Zoom. This year’s event takes place on May 19 at 11 am PDT. A special platform has been built that profiles graduating students, highlights award winners and allows visitors to post congratulatory messages. So invite everyone over for a graduation brunch and huddle around the computer to celebrate your outstanding achievement.

Throw a Party
No graduation celebration is complete without a party. Throw a party for your friends, family, coworkers and anyone else you want to invite. One fun idea I came across while Googling graduation party themes is a retro party based on the decade you were born! You can opt to host the party before commencement, after, or on a different day entirely. The key to remember is that this is your celebration and you should vocalize your wishes. 

Give Back
Not everyone is fortunate enough to attend graduate school. Now is a great time to give back to San José State University or your community by donating your time or dollars. Show your gratitude by supporting future Spartans, any amount is appreciated! Don’t forget to recognize your peers and professors with a personalized thank you note.

Take a Trip
If you’re not really the party type, perhaps there’s a trip you’ve been putting off because of your studies that you can finally take. Treat yourself to a relaxing weekend away, a week in the sun or jet off to the other side of the world and reflect on how far you’ve come. Bonus points for bringing along a loved one. 

However you decide to celebrate, make sure you also take lots of pictures so you can look back on them with fond memories in the years to come. Don’t be shy and post them on your social media accounts to share the news about your graduation. It’s also important to be in the moment and enjoy the satisfaction of completing your program. Most people will only graduate from a master’s program once, so don’t let the occasion slip by without giving yourself a pat on the back. 


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