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Published: April 15, 2015 by Allison Randall Gatt

Do you love Pinterest? So does the iSchool! We have dozens, hundreds even, of pins and boards for a variety of subjects, directing you to resources and articles about best practices for interviews, job trends, different library environments and much more.

The iSchool Explore Career Paths board is a great one to look at as you plan your coursework and check out different career pathways. This board contains pins from websites, blogs, online newspapers and links to the iSchool’s own website. One pin, called Libraries of the Future, takes a look at the role of the information professional, using statistics and fun graphics. It also discusses the roles and necessary skills of the librarian as the world of information expands, evolves and becomes more and more accessible. Another pin links up to a website discussing the implementation of Common Core standards for teacher-librarians.

If you’re thinking about doing an internship (and you should—everybody says it’s a great experience) then be sure to check out the 50 Tips for Virtual Interns. This is great because a virtual internship, like doing your coursework in a completely online environment, can be a very different experience. These are invaluable tips are from iSchool students who have done virtual internships. For instance, Hilary Mroczka, who worked as a virtual intern in fall of 2013, gives us tip #50: Work at your internship as if you will be hired. Even if you aren’t hired on, you’ve earned a great recommendation, excellent connections and essential job experience.

Another great Pinterest board is 10 Tips for Acing the Job Interview, put together by the iSchool Career Center Liaison Jill Klees. A lot goes into that interview, and planning ahead and practicing what you will say and how you will answer questions can set you up for a successful job search (Tip #7: Practice, Practice, Practice). These tips will also link you to useful resources on the iSchool website.

Several boards cover different library environments, including Public Libraries, Academic Libraries and Archives and Special Libraries. Pins on these boards link to blogs, news articles, and websites for a variety of institutions. Both the 2013 and 2014 Library 2.0 Conferences have their own boards, linking you up with the websites and lists of webinar recordings and videos. Checking back on these boards as Library 2.015 approaches is a great way to get involved, too.

I had so much find tootling around on all these Pinterest boards that I’m inspired to make a few information profession boards of my own, especially since they’ll look so nice mixed in with my pins of gypsy caravans and children’s craft projects. It’s also great motivation for looking into an internship in the future, prepping for it with job interview tips and collecting all the information I can about my chosen career path. And after all, collecting information, be it Pinterest pins, academic studies, rare books and even cool gypsy caravans, is what makes being an information professional so fun!

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