SLIS, Social Media, and You – Connections are Just a Click Away

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Most everyone these days has a Facebook account, including your 96 year old aunt Mabel. So it probably won’t come as a shock that SLIS also has a Facebook page where you can learn about the latest school news, happenings, and announcements. But did you know that SLIS also has a lot of other social media channels that will bring you news about our profession and allow you to connect with our community?


Yes, of course SLIS has a Facebook page. You probably already log onto Facebook at least once a day so why not follow SLIS and join in conversations with your fellow classmates and faculty? You can post questions to the page and people will respond. Looking for help finding a resource or an idea? Posing it on the SLIS Facebook page can really garner responses. Check it out!


Maybe Facebook isn’t your thing, or since your aging aunt Mabel has recently joined Facebook you decided to find an alternate social media outlet. Luckily SLIS also has a Twitter account you can follow to receive trending information about what’s happening at school and in the greater information profession. SLIS also hosts live tweet discussions during some webinars and from various professional conferences.


Pinning to differently themed boards is a lot like curation of Internet treasures, and as a student of information science that might be right up your alley. SLIS has a Pinterest account with quite a few boards, some of which introduce you to faculty, possible career pathways, and websites that can’t be missed.


SLIS also has its own YouTube channel where you can watch presentations made by faculty and special guests, videos introducing you to your faculty advisor, and (my favorite) tutorial videos made for LIBR 203 introducing you to all sorts of technology and how to use it.

SLIS makes it easy for you to connect with other students, faculty and alumni on their social media channels. So whether you use one of these sites or all four, check out what SLIS has to offer. What you find and who you meet might surprise you.


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