Time to Apply for Scholarships—Deadline is March 30

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Published: March 23, 2015

It’s that time of the year again—time to round up your brightest ideas, put your best foot forward and apply for scholarships. The deadline for applications for many spring scholarships is right around the corner—on March 30. Both the School of Information and San José State University as a whole have a variety of scholarships to offer based on focus of study, geographic location, ethnic background, professional development and so much more.

Scholarships especially for MARA students include ARMA scholarships from the Golden Gate Chapter and Silicon Valley Chapter as well as a scholarship sponsored by the ARMA Pacific Region. If you’re a MARA student who meets the qualifications, these are great opportunities to help you with your graduate school expenses.

Several institutions are offering scholarships for information school students in different areas of study, including a scholarship for medical librarianship offered by Kaiser Permanente. The Friends of Leisure World Library, a nonprofit organization in Southern California, offers a scholarship to iSchool students who reside in Southern California and are committed to working in public libraries.

To qualify for these scholarships, current iSchool students must meet a few requirements: if you’re an MLIS student, you must have successfully completed your core courses (LIBR 200, 202, 203 and 204) and you can’t currently be in your last semester. If you’re a MARA student, you must have completed your intro class (the technology workshop) and either MARA 200 and MARA 204, or have completed MARA 210 and one MLIS elective. All students applying for scholarships must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5—another reason to keep your nose to the grindstone.

All of these scholarships can be explored in detail here, and details on filling out the form and submitting it through a Canvas dropbox can be seen on the Applying for Information School Scholarships page.

If you’re graduating this semester, you are eligible for awards given by the iSchool for a variety of achievements, including the Award for Outstanding Thesis and awards in Teacher Librarianship, Youth Librarianship and Reference and Information Services. With the exception of the Ken Haycock Award for Exceptional Professional Promise, the application deadline for these awards is March 30.

If you are a brand new student at the iSchool and starting in the fall, you can apply for the new Director’s Scholarship for Excellence. This scholarship for prospective students utilizes Pinterest as part of the application process. You can read more about this scholarship right here on the NSB, start your Pinterest board and then fill out the application form. The Director’s Scholarship deadline isn’t until May 1, but it’s a good idea to start pinning, unpinning and re-pinning now. And what isn’t fun about that?

SJSU offers hundreds of scholarships to its graduate and undergraduate students as well. The dates and qualifications vary widely, so take your time with these and mark your calendar accordingly.

Whether just beginning, on your way to the finish line or anywhere in between, scholarships are a great way to network, get your name out there, and of course fund your education—a win-win situation for everybody.

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