MARA student Lacey Ryan Banks works with InterPARES Trust

MARA Blog Darren-Ilett

MARA student Lacey Ryan Banks is currently working as a research assistant with Pat Franks, Associate Professor and MARA Program Coordinator. The project is part of InterPARES Trust, a multi-national and interdisciplinary research initiative, and its purpose is to explore how city governments use social media. The group working on this project—which consists of 3 faculty members, 2 student assistants, and a city manager—is comparing a range of North American cities’ social media platforms and strategies. Working on the project has helped Ryan gain experience in creating, administering, and analyzing surveys, especially statistical analysis. Ryan feels that “this is an important project because while most of our generation takes using social media for granted, it takes a lot more thought on an organization’s part. They have to be careful what they say, and they have to assign people who are willing to be dedicated to doing it.”


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