ALA President James Neal to Give iSchool Convocation Address


Graduation preparation is in full swing at the School of Information at San José State University. During the annual virtual convocation ceremony in May, ALA President James Neal will address the graduates.

Graduation preparation is in full swing at the School of Information at San José State University. During the iSchool’s annual virtual convocation ceremony in May, guest speaker James Neal will address the graduates with wisdom and excitement for their future careers as information professionals.

jimneal.jpgNeal has a decorated history in the information profession serving in academia and professional practice and is currently president of the American Library Association. He says he is looking forward to his participation in the virtual convocation, which will be the first time he has given a convocation speech to an online audience.

“The invitation from SJSU is very exciting because all of my previous convocation speeches have been at campus ceremonies with the graduates and their families physically in front of me,” said Neal.

The online celebration allows all graduates and their families and friends the opportunity to join the special occasion no matter where they live and without incurring any travel expenses.

As the iSchool’s convocation speaker, Neal’s remarks will punctuate the end of years of hard work and determination leading up to graduation and the reward of earning an advanced degree.   

“Convocation is such an important celebration, a Janus like event, a culmination and a beginning. I always encourage graduates to think strategically about their futures,” Neal shared, hinting at the theme of his speech.

The iSchool’s virtual synchronous online convocation is scheduled for Saturday, May 19 at 11 a.m. Pacific Time. The event will run no longer than one hour and will be held via Zoom Web Conferencing.

To complement the synchronous speeches, a virtual graduation website features messages from Neal and iSchool Director Sandra Hirsh, graduate student profiles, and a degree presentation. Visitors can search by graduate name and post congratulatory messages.

SJSU College of Applied Sciences and Arts Commencement for iSchool Graduates

Graduates also have the opportunity to participate in an in-person formal commencement ceremony for all of the schools and departments in the SJSU College of Applied Sciences and Arts, which includes the School of Information.

The CASA commencement ceremony will be held at Avaya Stadium in San Jose on Friday, May 25 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. iSchool graduates attending the CASA commencement will be hooded on stage as they are recognized for their achievement.

Immediately following the CASA commencement, the School of Information will host a reception for iSchool graduates, families and friends.

For more details on the onsite and virtual convocation ceremonies, and graduation requirements, visit the graduation web page.