Breaking Boundaries: Unveiling Dynamic Student Groups Shaping Tomorrow
Discovering the Exciting Terrain of Emerging Student Groups


In line with San José State University School of Information’s commitment to fostering diverse academic communities, the school announces the establishment of several new student groups to enrich its students’ educational experiences. These groups serve as vibrant hubs where students with shared interests and passions can connect, collaborate, and thrive.

Among the latest additions to the iSchool’s array of student organizations are the User Experience Student Group; the Cyber Intelligence and Security Club; the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Student Group; and the the Black Student Library Collective.

User Experience Student Group

UX Student Group LogoThe iSchool’s User Experience Student Group brings together students from diverse backgrounds to educate and engage in this burgeoning field. As graduate students pursuing degrees in Library and Information Science, their goal is to network with fellow students, alumni, and the broader UX community to advocate for the pivotal role of UX in delivering exceptional experiences for patrons and businesses. Additionally, they aim to serve as a conduit for current students to enhance their portfolios.

“Our most recent event was a collaboration with the San José State REFORMA Student and Alumni Group,” said Shannon Broden, the UX Student Group’s blog editor. “We co-hosted a panel discussion featuring five seasoned librarians.” The discussion centered on the convergence of user experience principles and the needs of Latinx and diverse communities. The event garnered nearly 100 pre-registrations and attracted over 45 live participants.

Previous initiatives have included a tutorial on Figma, a leading UX design software, conducted by a company representative. Additionally, in October 2023, the UX Student Group coordinated a virtual tour of Manchester Metropolitan University’s new School of Digital Arts facility, providing insights into cutting-edge technologies and research in the professional UX design industry.

“Looking ahead,” said Broden, “we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with ByWater Solutions to administer a student-run instance of the Koha integrated library system.” This partnership will grant San José State University iSchool students access to a fully operational integrated library system, enabling them to develop essential skills for library careers.

The UX Student Group encourages students to subscribe to its newsletter and join the Discord group for updates, study sessions, event details, and other valuable resources related to user experience.

Cyber Intelligence and Security Club

Cybersecurity Club LogoThe new Cyber Intelligence and Security Club at San José State University is making waves in cybersecurity education and professional development. Committed to nurturing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, the club’s mission is clear: cultivating knowledge, skills, and abilities through engaging activities and initiatives.

The club hosts a range of activities, including hackathons, workshops, and guest speaker events. Notably, they recently welcomed a representative from CompTIA, a global authority in cybersecurity certifications, underscoring their dedication to providing valuable industry insights to members.

Moreover, the club has been actively engaged in online workshops centered around TryHackMe, a platform designed to enhance cybersecurity skills through practical exercises. This proactive approach demonstrates their commitment to continuous learning and skill development.

“The club is gearing up for a series of upcoming events that promise to be both educational and enjoyable,” said Melanie Ballesteros, the CIS club’s social media coordinator. The club offers many resources to support its members’ professional growth, from resume reviews to student discounts on certifications and training.

One notable achievement is the club’s recent hackathon, aptly named “Can You Hack It?” This event marked the first iSchool hackathon and showcased the talent and creativity of its members in tackling cybersecurity challenges.

In addition, the club is actively involved in preparing for the RSA Conference College Day, highlighting their commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and opportunities.

“Perhaps most noteworthy is the club’s vibrant Discord community with resources curated by members and their esteemed faculty advisor, Dr. Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca,” said Ballesteros. This collaborative environment fosters knowledge-sharing and networking among cybersecurity enthusiasts. The CIS club encourages students to join Discord, poised to contribute significantly to the cybersecurity landscape.

The Cybersecurity and Intelligence Club’s slogan is: “A Gathering Place for The Security-Minded Students Of SJSU.” All SJSU undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to join the club.

Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Student Group

AANHPI Student Group LogoSpearheaded by iSchool Director Anthony Chow, the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Student Group was formed in recognition of the necessity for BIPOC student representation within the iSchool’s diverse community. After meeting Chow at the 2023 California Library Association Conference, Erica Vu, the AANHPI chair, took the initiative to rally classmates, including officers Quarry Pak, Cat Tang, Kristina Gerhardt, and Allison Law, to establish the group. Dr. Michelle Chen serves as the group’s faculty advisor.

Officially recognized as an iSchool student group in February 2024, the group’s mission centers on advocating for AANHPI students and staff in information professions, fostering student recognition and support, and nurturing cultural understanding.

The group aspires to create a lasting presence in the School of Information, where AANHPI experiences are valued and represented. Its mission encompasses providing a safe space for peer connection, highlighting diverse AANHPI experiences, discussing relevant topics, supporting members in their educational and professional journeys, and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within San José State.

Monthly Teatime meetings, held via Zoom on the last Thursday of each month during the spring semester, provide a relaxed environment for students to connect. Past events included a February Lunar New Year / Leap Year trivia game and a March discussion with academic librarian Ray Pun and San José State alum Neil Ordinario. The group’s upcoming Teatime is scheduled for April 25, 2024, with registration available at

Noteworthy initiatives include the group’s involvement in planning the iSchool’s AANHPI Heritage Month Symposium in May. This year, the group proposed a Student Spotlight segment to honor iSchool students contributing to AANHPI communities through original work. Submissions are open until May 10, accessible via

The AANHPI Student Group encourages students to subscribe as members to its newsletter and join the Instagram and a LinkedIn group for updates, social activities, event details, and speaker events. 

Black Student Library Collective

Black Student Library Collective LogoThe Black Student Library Collective is more than just a student organization; it is a community that brings together library students of the African diaspora. The collective provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and a safe space for San José State iSchool students. Recognizing the more considerable racial disparities in the library profession, the group seeks to diversify the field to benefit the communities that libraries serve.

BSLC aims to foster a sense of belonging by allowing students to connect with and learn from Black excellence within the library profession. This is achieved through events facilitating contact with Black librarians nationwide.

“Our most recent event included a collaboration with Carolyn Norman, president of the California Librarians Black Caucus, and Nichelle M. Hayes, current president of the National Black Caucus of the American Library Association,” said Tyrell Frederick, the current vice president of BSLC. “The event allowed students to learn from Black librarians who are considered trailblazers in the field. The librarians shared their experiences and insights on how to amplify the voices of Black librarianship.”

Although the BSLC was just recently established as an iSchool student organization in January 2024, it has ambitious plans to form more partnerships with state and national organizations. The group seeks to provide more opportunities for Black students to connect with professionals in the field.

Currently, the BSLC is collaborating with the California Librarians Black Caucus and Black Caucus of the American Library Association for an upcoming Juneteenth event hosted on Zoom with the iSchool. This event will highlight Juneteenth’s significance and feature a diverse panel of panelists who have significantly contributed to the field of Black librarianship.

The BSLC encourages interested students to check their email regularly to stay updated on upcoming events and recruitment efforts.