iSchool Ranks First in Salaries for Library School Graduates


San José, California — November 18, 2008 — Graduates of the San José State University School of Information earn the highest average starting salary of any Library School, according to a recent Library Journal salary survey. With an average starting salary of $49,293, iSchool graduates also benefit from an excellent return on investment — their starting salaries are high, and their tuition is considerably more affordable than most other library schools.

When compared with Information Schools, the Library Journal salary survey ranked San José School of Information third for average starting salaries.

Local students at iSchool pay the lowest tuition of any of the top ten ranked schools in the Library Journal salary survey. San José’s out-of-area students pay significantly less in tuition than all of the other top ten schools, except for Southern Connecticut State University.

“We’re extremely pleased to offer our students an exceptional return on their investment of tuition dollars,” says Ken Haycock, iSchool Director. “We work hard to offer a high quality, affordable graduate degree. Salary survey results show that our graduates can turn their degree into high paying jobs.”

“While there may be a perception that salaries for our graduates are higher because they live in California, that simply isn’t the case,” adds Haycock. “Because students can earn their degree with us through a fully online program, our students live in 45 states and 12 countries.”