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Spring 2024 Scholarship Winners Announced


The San José State University School of Information is proud to announce the recipients of its spring 2024 Special Session scholarships, marking a significant milestone in these deserving individuals’ academic and personal journeys. With 22 scholarships valued at $3,000 each, the school continues its commitment to supporting new and continuing students enrolled in its master’s and bachelor’s degree programs.

Raven LocSpecial Session Scholarship recipient Raven Loc has just started her Master of Library and Information Science degree program. Reflecting on her experience with the scholarship application process, Loc candidly admits, “I truly almost talked myself out of it!”

Despite the challenges of crafting a presentation after a decade since earning her bachelor’s degree, Loc found inspiration from her friend and colleague, Jeni Kim, a previous scholarship winner. She states, ”The application deadline also lined up perfectly with a library program that I am deeply passionate about. I love historical costuming and will gladly take any excuse to talk about it at length.” Her unique script-writing process, focusing on her love for historical costuming, set her Prezi presentation apart, showcasing her genuine enthusiasm and delight.

Receiving the scholarship has profoundly impacted Loc’s academic journey and personal aspirations. She expresses, “It felt incredible to be recognized and truly affirmed my decision to stick it out with my journey to librarianship.” The scholarship is a beacon of encouragement, reminding Loc of her ability to overcome self-doubt and embrace new challenges.

Looking ahead, Loc is determined to pursue her passion for children’s librarianship. “I performed my first storytime last year, and now I’m hooked. I am excited to start taking classes focused on youth services,” Loc shares eagerly. Her aspiration to incorporate her newfound knowledge into innovative programs, such as mermaid-themed storytimes, reflects her dedication to igniting a love for knowledge among young learners.

Alyssa DuarteMotivated by a profound desire to align her career with her true passions, Alyssa Duarte embraced the opportunity to apply for the Special Session Scholarship for New Students. “I believed that it was something that would provide an exceptional opportunity to help me as I pursue a career I was passionate about,” Duarte explains. With unwavering determination, she made the courageous decision to transition careers, recognizing her calling within the realm of libraries and applied and was accepted into the Master of Library and Information Science program.

The scholarship application process proved to be a rewarding experience for Duarte, who appreciated the innovative approach of submitting a presentation versus writing an essay. “I enjoyed that the submission was a Prezi presentation as it really allowed me to showcase my creative side,” Duarte shares. Through this process, she demonstrated her creativity and deeply reflected on the core values essential to her career aspirations in librarianship.

Receiving the Special Session Scholarship was a turning point for Duarte. It alleviated financial concerns and empowered her to pursue a career change. “This wonderful scholarship has allowed me to pursue a master’s degree in my dream field without having to stress about financial coverage,” Duarte says. With this support, she can fully dedicate herself to her studies and continue progressing toward her academic and professional goals.

As a student in the MLIS program, Duarte is committed to furthering her education and professional development in librarianship and plans to “continue on the path to the Teen/Young Adult and Adult Librarianship,” she says. Her aspirations extend beyond academic achievement; she aims to foster connections within her community, broaden her perspectives, and inspire a love for knowledge.

The San José State University School of Information offers several scholarship opportunities for matriculated students and students just beginning their iSchool program. The fall 2024 Special Session Scholarship applications are now open, and each scholarship awarded for the fall 2024 semester is valued at $3,250. The deadline to apply is May 1, 2024. These scholarships are designed to support and empower students on their academic and professional paths.

Spring 2024 Scholarship Recipients

Special Session Scholarships for New Students

Master of Library and Information Science

Alyssa Duarte
Clarissa Hampton
Connie Xuncax
Daniel Nero
Isabel Nguyen
Jennifer Bloom
Lia Warner
Raena-Lynn Johnson
Raquel Dubin
Raven Loc
Rebecca Booth
Sarah Cryderman
Trina Maria Reynoso

Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Data Analytics

Opkar Singh
Antonio Reza
Haylie Nguyen

Special Session Scholarship for Current Students

Master of Library and Information Science

Aryn Prestia
Emily Boris
Indira Nauth
Rachel Syme
Shannon Broden

Master of Archives and Records Administration

Nicholas Hendry