INFO 203 “How-to” Videos


Most of the videos on this page are five minutes or less in length and were created by the INFO 203 peer mentors.

New for Fall 2020

Animating Objects in Google Slides
Krista Ward-Sell

APA Formatting in Google Drive
Angela Campbell

Creating a Google Form
Kay Wolverton Ito

Organization with Google Drive
Mary Calo

Setting Up Your iSchool WordPress Blog
Taryn Hanson



Accessing, Saving and Printing your Grades in Canvas
Rebecca Cotto

Calendar: How to Subscribe to Canvas Calendar (Google Calendar and Apple Calendar)
William Fregozo

Calendar: Importing the Canvas Calendar to Outlook
Karen Chacon

Canvas File Management for Future ePortfolio Use
Petry Saenz

Canvas Messaging (Inbox)
Taylor Dabb

How to Record a Video Using your Webcam with Canvas Studio
Magela Sevilla

How to Submit an Assignment on Canvas
Karen Geist

How to Upload Images to Canvas Discussion Boards using the Rich Content Editor
Kathleen Nelson

How to Use the Canvas iOS App
Michael Kuhnsman

Saving and Organizing Your Canvas Coursework
Kristin Holzhauer

Google Suite


How to Add Alerts/Reminders to Google Calendar
Sami Voshell

Look at the Canvas screencasts listed above to see a screencast about how to add a Canvas calendar to a Google Calendar.


How to Create a Hanging Indent Citation in Google Docs
Emily Moss


Create and Use a Share Folder in Google Drive
Anne Armacost

How to Set Up and Sync Google Drive on your Personal Computer
Elizabeth El-Akkad


How to Create a Template in Gmail
Jewel Soon Cheng


Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets
Olivia Muzzy


How to Create a Google Site
Angelina Moiso


How to Use Google Slides
Heather Steele

iSchool Website

Accessing Core Competencies & Related Courses on iSchool Site
Judy Poon

Comparing Class Schedules on MySJSU and the iSchool Web Site
Blake Mendoza

How to Access and Use Career Pathways on the iSchool Website
Jason Kinsella

How to Access and Use the MLIS Career Pathways Course Intersection Tool
Daniel Schwartzkopf

How to Access Syllabi for Courses in Previous Semesters
Katie Brunner

How to Find Seminar Course Descriptions on the iSchool Site
Anne Bigley Chand

How to Find the Perfect Internship using the iSchool’s Internship Database.
Beth Cartier



How to Find Google Scholar Articles at SJSU King Library
Rashida Skaar

Finding Textbooks through the King Library
Carrie Kitzmiller

SJSU King Library OneSearch Account: How to Save, Organize, and Sort Records using Labels
Veronica May

Finding DOIs with CrossRef
Kyle Moreno

Organizing Library OneSearch Results
Shannon Sutherland

Using InterLibrary Loan to Borrow Books from King Library
Monica St. Dennis

Microsoft Word

How to Use Word Styles to Create Automatic Document Navigation
Rosie Bromberg

APA Formatting and Style options using Microsoft Word
Sim Castro

Accessing Microsoft Office 365 Free through SJSU
Rory Martorana

How to Create a Hanging Indent Citation in Word
Emily Moss

Online Tools

CloudHQ Chrome Extension: Creating Email Templates
Robin Guy

Doodle: How to Schedule Group Meetings
Linda Toro

Goodreads: How to Create an Account and Manage Privacy
Havilah Steinman

Grammarly and Canvas
Brianna Meli

Jess V. Carillo

Piktochart: How to Create an Infographic
Kindra Baker

How to Use PowToon for a Quick Presentation
Lisa Molson

Prezi: How to Create a Presentation
Terry Schiavone

Building a RefWorks Bibliography Page and Managing Folders
Kyle Greenwood

Trello for Productivity
Quinn Tomlinson

YouTube: How to Post a Video
Caroline Sinay Gudiel

Organizing PDFs with Zotero
Gerard Collins


How to Create Videos Using PowerPoint
Linta Kunnathuparambil


Add an Image Gallery to a Blog Entry
Crystal Van Dee

Create Dropdown Menus in Wordpress Blogs
Melissa Layton

How to Moderate/Approve Comments on your Blog
Sarah Edwards Obenauf

Tags, Categories, and Controlled Vocabularies in WordPress
Kristina Naftzger


How to Schedule or Start a Meeting with Zoom
Holley Cornetto

How to Chat on Zoom
Karen Pfeffer

Other Tutorials

A Beginner’s Guide to Bullet Journaling
Jessi Jones

How to Become a Peer Mentor
Jasmin LoBasso-Spencer

Screencasting Basics
Emily Bruce