Course Development and Instructional Design #4


4. A course development process is followed that ensures courses are designed so that students develop the necessary knowledge and skills to meet measurable learning outcomes at the course and program level.

Deficient      Developing      Accomplished    Exemplary 

Each course syllabus lists the program core competencies and the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) addressed in the course. The syllabus lists the course assignments and each assignment is linked to at least one CLO.

The School’s web site provides program-level views of this information. A mapping of courses to the core competencies is available to assist students and advisers in selecting electives. See also a database-driven listing of the descriptions, prerequisites, CLOs, and competencies for each course.

Faculty members receive instruction on writing measurable CLOs.

Faculty members who are teaching new courses create their CLOs and submit them for administrative review and approval.

The School’s Online Teaching Standards and Indicators include specific items on this topic:

  • Assignments and learning activities encourage critical reflection and thoughtful analysis. They require students to demonstrate their ability to locate, critically analyze, and synthesize information and to communicate findings through graduate-level writing and/or oral presentation.
  • The purpose and goal of each assignment or weekly activity is explained and clearly aligned with the course’s learning objectives.

Peer review assessments provide feedback and continual review and progress in this area.

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