Evaluation And Assessment #5


5. A process is in place and followed for the assessment of student retention in online courses and programs.

Deficient    Developing    Accomplished    Exemplary

As a graduate program in a nationally accredited program we are concerned with quality and with only retaining students who can be successful. We have three key transition points:

All students are required to pass INFO 203 – a one unit class on tools and strategies for success in online learning. (For more details, see the current INFO 203 syllabus.)

All students are required to make a B in all core classes (INFO 200, INFO 202, INFO 204) or they will be put on admin probation. If they fail to make the B in a second attempt they are disqualified.

All students must show evidence of meeting program learning outcomes (core competencies) via an e-Portfolio.

See retention data.

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