Institutional Support #3


3 The institution has a policy for intellectual property of course materials; it specifically addresses online course materials and is publicly visible online.

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The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the CSU and the California Faculty Association includes a section on Intellectual Property Rights (Article 39).

The University policy is posted here:

The University eCampus has a policy statement on intellectual property specifically for materials in the Learning Management System:

Faculty shall individually own their courses in Canvas. The original materials entered into the learning management system are the property of the faculty that created and uploaded them. All links to journals and other external sources remain property of those sources. No other faculty member, administrator, or academic unit may copy an individual’s Canvas course without their written permission. However, if a particular unit and their faculty share modules or courses among a certain group and approve alternate written arrangements or contracts, eCampus will follow those arrangements if they are consistent with all other policies in this document.

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