Institutional Support #6


6 The online program’s strategic plan is reviewed for its continuing relevance, and periodically improved and updated.

The School of Information has one strategic plan for the School that covers all degrees and certificates; faculty and staff performance and growth; student success; and research. The plan is made up of six strategic directions that apply across the whole School.  The vision, mission, and values statements also apply overall to the School and to all of its programs and activities.

Key performance indicators are attached to each strategic direction as measures for determining success. The key performance indicators (along with the mission, vision, and values statements) are reviewed each November at a two-day faculty retreat.   The school’s shared governance committees (represented by their chairs or co-chairs) , along with specific individually designated faculty and staff, note where the key performance indicators have been met, partially met, or not met; and provide evidence. They also suggest changes to key performance indicators if it is felt that changes are needed.  . Each of the shared governance committees includes representatives of the following groups:

  • Full-time faculty
  • Part-time faculty
  • Alumni
  • Students

Deficient    Developing    Accomplished    Exemplary

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