Login/Interface Overview


In order to access phpQuestionnaire, you will need the password. Please contact Dale David for more information.

When you receive the password, you will enter it as demonstrated below:


Existing Surveys, Attributes and Functions

Upon logging into phpQuestionnaire, you will receive the Main page interface. The Main page details all existing surveys (the survey names are highlighted in red):


Each survey created has a status attribute associated with it (For more information, see the Activate/Deactivate Your Survey Tutorial).

  • When a survey is - the public is allowed to take the survey.
  • When a survey is - no users will be allowed to complete the survey in this state.

Concurrently, the Main page gives users immediate functions to revise and review and existing survey:

  • - allows a user to immediately revise the format of an existing survey
  • - offers the ability to preview any created survey. It will appear exactly as a user would see the survey.

phpQuestionnaire Navigation

The tabs on the top of the interface allow users to navigate through the different tools available for survey creation and management:

Survey Editor
Users will access the Survey Editor tab for:

Survey Results
Access the Survey Results tab for accessing Survey Results.

Users should not access this page. It is for administrative access only.

Log Off
Click this tab to leave the phpQuestionnaire site.