Preview Survey


phpQuestionnaire offers the ability to preview any survey that you have created. It will appear exactly as a user would see the survey. Any answers you supply will be checked for validity (such as whether the field is required, how many answers should have been supplied, and so on).

You can preview a survey at any time, whether or not it is active. This allows you to create and test a survey extensively before making it available to users. The survey preview from several areas of the phpQuestionnaire administration panel.

Note: You must create questions before you can preview your survey

There are two ways to access the survey preview feature:

The first way is from the Main page, click the Preview button next to your survey:

The other way is by going to the Survey Editor tab. From the Choose a Survey portion of the interface, select your survey from the drop down list. Then, click the Preview button:

From there your survey will open in a new window and appear as it would to a user taking your survey:

Please note the navigation buttons available for each question: Next, Skip, Close.