Viewing Your Survey Results


Upon logging into phpQuestionnaire, you will see whether there have been any response to your survey:

To view results, you should click on the Survey Results tab that can be found at the top of the interface. Once you are there, you will need to select a survey for which you wish to view results:

The interface is divided into View Results, Download Results, and Survey Summary.

View Results

In the top portion of the Survey Results interface, the Choose a Survey portion, you will see three buttons:

The functionality of the buttons are:

  • Verified Results 
    This will show you the results, on a question-by-question basis, for all users who have verified the e-mail address they have attached to the results. After completing the survey they were e-mailed a verification link. If the e-mail address they gave was valid and they followed this link, their results will appear in this section.

    For more information on this, see the User Restrictions portion of the tutorial titled Add a Survey.
  • Unverified Results
    This section displays the results, on a question-by-question basis, for all users who have not yet verified their results. This means that either the e-mail address they provided did not work or they chose not to follow the verification link that was sent to them upon survey completion. These responses could still be valuable, and therefore, they are made available through this button.
  • All Results
    This button will display, on question-by-question basis, the results for all surveys, both verified and unverified.

Regardless of the type of results you decide to view, clicking the button for your desired type of results will bring up the following interface:

From here there are three ways of viewing results:

  • Table of Contents
    You may view statistics for each individual question by clicking on Table of Contents. This will list each question in the survey and allow you to view the results and statistics for each one by clicking on the question.

  • View with Pagebreaks
    Selecting this view will display the results for each question on a page by page basis with a similar structure to the way the users completed the survey. After viewing one page of question results and statistics you can then proceed to the following pages by using the Next button.

  • View All Questions
    You can view the statistics for all questions in your survey at once by clicking on View All Questions. This will display the statistics for every question in your survey on one page. This is ideal for short surveys, but could be a lot of information on one page if your survey is very long.
Viewing Text Answers of Survey Questions 

When viewing the results for a question which allows for text answers, you should note that text answers are displayed in a popup dialog that allows you to read and scroll through all of the text responses to a specific question. Simply click on the Textfield Results button to the bottom right portion of your questions’s results:

From here, you will then see the test results:

Download Survey Results

You can download the results of a survey. Once you have selected your survey, scroll down to the Download Results portion of the interface.

Make sure CSV (Comma Separated Value) is selected as the File Format and click the button for the type of survey results you want to download:

Then, save the file locally to your computer.

Note: CSV is the suggested format because it allows you to view the results in Microsoft Excel.

Survey Summary

Survey Summary, located on the lower portion of the page, includes a list of the survey responses, the date it was completed, and user identification information.

If Email Verification was used as a user restriction, the user identification information will be the address they supplied. Otherwise, an IP address for that respondent will be shown. It will also display the answers to any questions you marked to show in Display In Summary. For more information on this, see the Question Types portion of the tutorial. Select a question type and look at the Display In Summary attribute for that question type.

The number of responses shown in this summary can be configured, and if the total responses overflows, there will be links at the bottom of the summary to view the next page of data.

Deleting a Survey Response

You may delete a survey response by accessing the Survey Summary. Click on the circle with the red X in the right-hand portion of the Survey Summary to delete the survey response:

A prompt will appear asking you to verify the deletion. Click OK to continue:

Note: This process cannot be un-done.