iSchool Distinguished Service Award Form: Staff


2 Awards

A. Purpose of the Award

To recognize a staff member for exemplary service in a leadership capacity to the School and/or the community, that brings credit to the School of Library and Information Science and/or San José State University.
To recognize a staff member for extraordinary dedication to achieving the aims of the School/ and to enriching the lives of those associated with the School/College.

B. Criteria

In evaluating candidates for this award, consideration should be given to the criteria listed below. There is no set-weighting requirement, but it is highly recommended that the recipient have accomplishments in all broad criteria categories set out below. In addition to the criteria described below, eligibility for this award requires that the staff member have a consistent record of service at the School, college, and/or university levels.

Significant Contribution

  • The staff member’s service has a significant effect on the School or broader communities.
  • The staff member’s service demonstrates leadership and initiative.

On-Going Commitment

  • The staff member has made a consistent contribution of service.
  • The staff member’s service record represents multiple years of commitment.
Nomination Form

The person you are nominating for Distinguished Staff Service Award.

Briefly state your reasons for this nomination, including a description of the nominee’s accomplishments that relate to the award criteria. Do not exceed 500 words.

Your name.