iSchool Faculty Excellence Award for Outreach & Collaboration Form


General Faculty Eligibility

To be eligible for any of the six faculty awards, an individual must:

  • Be a Unit 3 faculty member (must be full time tenure or tenure track faculty member for Outstanding Professor); and
  • Not be retired (although retirement during the academic year does not forfeit eligibility for that year)

A. Purpose of the Award

To recognize a faculty member for outstanding contributions to developing external relationships that benefit the School’s teaching, learning, and research community.

B. Criteria

In evaluating candidates for this award, consideration should be given to the criteria below. There is no set-weighting requirement, but it is highly recommended that the recipient demonstrate accomplishments in the criteria categories set out below.

Collaborative Research, Teaching, and Service

  • Evidence of efforts to successfully establish collaborative relationships with other SJSU departments or organizations external to SJSU, including partnerships aimed at collaborative research, teaching, or service to the profession.
  • Evidence of significant collaborative activities aimed at obtaining grant funding for research, demonstration projects, curriculum development, or other activities that benefit the School or the broader LIS community.

School Outreach

  • Evidence of significant contributions aimed at promoting the School to the professional community in regional, national, or international venues.
Nomination Form

The person you are nominating for Faculty Excellence Award for Outreach & Collaboration

Briefly state your reasons for this nomination, including a description of the nominee’s accomplishments that relate to the award criteria. Do not exceed 500 words.

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