iSchool Outstanding Professor Award Form


General Faculty Eligibility

To be eligible for any of the six faculty awards, an individual must:

  • Be a Unit 3 faculty member (must be full time tenure or tenure track faculty member for Outstanding Professor); and
  • Not be retired (although retirement during the academic year does not forfeit eligibility for that year)

A. Purpose of the Award

To recognize a faculty member for overall excellence in academic assignment

B. Criteria

In evaluating candidates for this award, consideration should be given to the criteria listed below. There is no set-weighting requirement, but it is highly recommended that the recipient have accomplishments in each of the two broad criteria categories set out below.

Teaching Excellence

  • Excellent teaching as demonstrated through SOTE scores, other student evaluations, peer evaluations, external reviews, etc.
  • Teaches a variety of courses.
  • Participates in professional and scholarly activities that enhance teaching ability and currency in the discipline.
  • Serves as a mentor to other educational professionals.

Commitment to Students

  • Advises students through student organizations, theses, and/or other projects.
  • Participates in student orientation and advisement activities.
  • Mentors students regarding career and professional considerations.
  • Engages in service to the campus and/or profession that benefits students.
Nomination Form

The person you are nominating for Outstanding Professor Award.

Briefly state your reasons for this nomination, including a description of the nominee’s accomplishments that relate to the award criteria. Do not exceed 500 words.

Your name.