2021-2022 Archive


Dr. Michele Villagran Publishes Article about Information Ethics


Dr. Villagran’s new publication, titled “Information Ethics from a Multicultural Perspective: Content Analysis of Selected Library and Information Science Publications”, was published in the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science.  This study examines information ethics from multicultural perspectives by exploring the extent to which LIS faculty view and articulate information ethics in their research and scholarly publications. 

Dr. Darra Hofman Speaks at ARMA Hawai’i Chapter Event


Dr. Homan, along with her co-presenter Rae Lynn Haliday, delivered a presentation titled “The ICRN Goes Virtual: Application to Certification” to the ARMA Hawai’i Chapter. The presentation focused on professional profession of records management professionals. 

Dr. Sandy Hirsh Presents at ALISE Leadership Academy


Dr. Hirsh moderated the webinar titled “Navigating Changes in Higher Education”. This webinar was the first in a series associated with the ALISE 2022 Leadership Academy.

Dr. Darra Hofman Awarded 2022-23 SJSU RSCA Seed Grant


Dr. Hofman is a recipient of the 2022-23 SJSU RSCA Seed Grants. This seed grant will support Dr. Hofman in starting new RSCA projects with no previous funding.

Dr. Norman Mooradian Presents about Data Privacy


Dr. Mooradian recently delivered a presentation titled “Data Privacy Strategies for ECM” for the New Jersey Chapter of ARMA International, a not-for-profit professional association and the authority on governing information as a strategic asset. 

Dr. Sandy Hirsh Publishes New Edition of Book


Dr. Hirsh’s book, “Information Services Today: An Introduction”, recently published its third edition. This new edition, “demonstrates the ever-changing landscape of information services today and the need to re-evaluate curriculum, competency training, professional development, and lifelong learning in order to stay abreast of current trends and issues, and more significantly, remain competent to address the changing user needs of information communities”, according to Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Dr. Michael Stephens Presents at the Annual Conference of Public Library Association 


Dr. Stephens co-presented a session at the 2022 Annual Conference of the Public Library Association, with Stacie Ledden, Director of Strategic Partnership at Anythink Libraries and member of the CIRI Advisory Board. Their presentation was titled “Finding Joy: Library as Space for Playful Learning”. The session discussed the ways in which libraries spark joy: through learning, experience, and story. This document contains the 200 ideas generated in this session.

iSchool Students Win Awards at CPGE Online Student Conference


Five iSchool students, Ashley Minnich, Rosario Mireles, Beatriz Martinez, Katherine Hellman, and Carlos Quevado, won the Outstanding Presentation Award at the 2022 CPGE Online Student Conference. Visit the conference website to watch the student presentations. 

Dr. Kristen Rebmann Presents at SJSU Spring 2022 University Scholar Series


Dr. Rebmann recently delivered a presentation titled “Equity-focused Data Analytics for Libraries” at SJSU Spring 2022 University Scholar Series. Her presentation shared equity-focused analyses of corporate and public datasets that can help us understand the potential impact of TVWS networking technology to support digital equity among America’s rural and underserved communities.

Dr. Michael Stephens Contributes Chapter to Foundational LIS Text


Dr. Stephens’s chapter in the foundational LIS text “Information services today: An introduction” focuses on hyperlinked libraries :

  • Stephens, M. (2022). Hyperlinked libraries. In S. Hirsh (Ed.). Information services today: An introduction, 3rd Edition. New York: Rowman & Littlefield.  

Dr. Michele Villagran Authors Book Chapter about Cultural Intelligence


Dr. Villagran’s recently contributed a chapter titled “Cultural intelligence in academic libraries” to a book on diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic libraries.

  • Villagran, M. A. L. (2022). Cultural intelligence in academic libraries. In B. Lym & C. Lee (Eds.), Implementing excellence in diversity, equity, and inclusion: A handbook for academic libraries. (pp. ch 10). Association of College and Research Libraries.

iSchool Faculty, Student and Alumna Showcase Hubs Virtual Reality Rooms


Dr. Anthony Chow and Director of Online Learning Bethany Winslow recently presented at ALA’s LibLearnX Conference, where they showcased three iSchool students and the Hubs VR rooms they created. 

  • Augmented Reality: Immersive Learning & Virtual Community Building (January, 2022). A virtual interactive immersive opportunity session with Anthony Chow, Bethany Winslow, and iSchool student and alumna, about our Hubs VR rooms. LibLearnX Conference, American Library Association.

Dr. Sandy Hirsh Delivers Multiple Presentations about Research, Education and Blockchain


Dr. Hirsh has delivered multiple presentations about LIS education and Blockchain technology at various conferences. 

  • Advancing Your Career: The Importance of In-Demand Research Skills. (2022, February). Keynote presented at the 2022 College of Professional and Global Education (CPGE) Online Student Conference, Online.
  •  Growing the iFederation: Leveraging the ASIS&T, ALISE, and the iSchools Collaboration to Advance Information Science. (2021, November). Speaker on an iFederation panel at the 2021 ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • The Rising Phoenix: Perspectives on Resilience for Education, Research, & Practice. (2021, September). Speaker on an iFederation panel at the 2021 ALISE Annual Conference, Online.
  • An Introduction to Blockchain Applications in the Information Professions: Hype, Speculations, and Implications. (2021, September). Keynote presented at the 2021 Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN) Virtual Conference, Online. 

Dr. José Aguiñaga Publishes New Article in C&RL News


Dr. Aguiñaga’s most recent publication appears in College & Research Libraries News. In this article, he shared his views with the membership as a candidate for ACRL vice-president/president-elect.

  • Aguiñaga, José A.; McNeil, Beth. José A. Aguiñaga and Beth McNeil share plans for ACRL: Cast an informed vote in the election this spring. College & Research Libraries News, [S.l.], v. 83, n. 2, p. 65, feb. 2022. ISSN 2150-6698. 

Dr. Virginia Tucker’s Publication Featured in The Informed Librarian


Dr. Tucker’s recent publication titled “Becoming an information architect: The evolving librarian’s skillset, mindset, and professional identity”, published in Education for Information, has been selected as a featured article in  The Informed Librarian, January 2022.

Dr. Virginia Tucker Publishes Research on Professional Identity and LIS Education


Dr. Tucker’s recent research focuses on educating doctoral students in LIS and librarians’ professional identity. 

  • Hands, A.S., & Tucker, V.M. (2022). Fostering doctoral student socialization and research expertise through writing pedagogy. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 63(1), 64-79.
  • Tucker, V.M., & Simmons, M.H. (2021). Identity transformation on becoming a teacher: Threshold concepts and professional praxes. Journal of Teacher Education and Educators, 10(3), 275-295.
  • Tucker, V.M. (2021). Becoming an information architect: The evolving librarian’s skillset, mindset, and professional identity. Education for Information, 37(4), 485-500. doi.org/10.3233/EFI-211558 

Dr. Johanna Tunon Contributes Chapter to Foundational LIS Text


Dr. Tunon’s chapter in the foundational LIS text “Information services today: An introduction” focuses on reference and information services:

  • Tunon, J. (2022). Chapter 13: Reference and intermediation services. In S. Hirsh (Ed.), Information services today: An introduction (3rd ed.). Rowman & Littlefield. 

Dr. Norman Mooradian Publishes on Content Management and Ethics


Dr. Mooradian’s recent publications focus on enterprise content management and ethics in archival practice:

  • “Enterprise Content Management”, in The Handbook of Archival Practice, ed. Patricia Franks: Rowman & Littlefield (2021).
  • “Ethics”, in The Handbook of Archival Practice, ed. Patricia Franks Rowman & Littlefield (2021).

Instructor Wayne Disher Publishes Book on Library Management


Instructor Wayne Disher’s recent book, titled “Library Management Problems Today” and published by Rowman & Littlefield, uses case studies gleaned from today’s library world to help students take analytical approaches to library problems. 

Dr. Mary Ann Harlan Presented at International Symposium


Dr. Harlan recently presented as a panelist at the international symposium titled “Road to the Future: Discussion for Developing the International Children’s Literature Course”. At this symposium, presenters from Canada, USA, Spain/France, and Japan reported their teaching experience of Children’s Literature courses for librarians and teachers.

Dr. Michele Villagran Awarded REFORMA Librarian of the Year


Dr. Villagran received the Librarian of the Year award from REFORMA. She was one of two recipients for this award. 

Dr. Michele Villagran Presented at REFORMA National Conference


Dr. Villagran recently delivered several presentations at the REFORMA National Conference in November 2021:

  • Bridging the Gap: In Support of Women in Librarianship .
  • Working with Immigrant Communities to Promote Social Justice: New Ways of Teaching Library Service – English
  • Working with Communities to Support Students and Alumni interested in working with Latinx and Spanish-speaking: Reflections from Student Leaders – English with Spanish Translation

Dr. Michele Villagran Presented at ALA Webinar


Dr. Villagran presented an ALA Library Research Round Table webinar on Cultural Competence in Research: From Models to Practice.  She led a discussion about cultural competence in research including defining cultural competence, examining the importance of including cultural concern in the research process, and offering examples of recommended criteria for culturally competent research. She also shared models behind cultural competency with which she utilizes in her research.

Dr. Michele Villagran Publishes New Research about Emotional Intelligence


Dr. Villagran recently published an article titled “Academic librarians: Their understanding and use of emotional intelligence and happiness” in the Journal of Academic Librarianship. This article seeks to to understand the interrelations between emotional intelligence and happiness through an exploration of academic librarians. 

iSchool Participates in Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship Grant


iSchool faculty Alyce Scott will represent iSchool to work with WGBH Educational Foundation (WGBH) on an IMLS grant. The grant project will host a Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship for 10 students enrolled in library and information science (LIS) graduate programs to pursue digital preservation projects at public broadcasting organizations around the country, gaining hands-on experience in audiovisual preservation. iSchool is one of the five partner universities selected by WGBH to work on this grant. 

Dr. Souvick Ghosh Selected to Participate in the SJSU University Grants Academy


Dr. Ghosh was selected to participate in the SJSU University Grants Academy in 2022. The University Grants Academy (UGA) supports a selective group of faculty members from across the campus through the process of writing a substantial external grant proposal to fund their research, scholarship and/or creative activity (RSCA). 

iSchool Student Jennifer Pesek Larsen Presents at Library Conference


iSchool student Jennifer Pesek recently co-presented a presentation titled “Developments with the Academic Library Survey Component and its Impact on Library Assessment”, and a poster titled “Assessing the Impact of Library Employment on Student Employees”, at the 2021 Southeastern Library Assessment Conference.

Dr. Virginia Tucker Publishes Research on Search Evolution


Dr. Tucker recently published an article titled “Search evolution for ease and speed: A call to action for what’s been lost” in the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. This article reported a grounded theory study of search experiences of information professionals and graduate students that contributes a holistic understanding of web searching. 

iSchool Student Jessica Nombrano Larsen Presents at National Conference


iSchool student Jessica Nombrano Larsen recently presented at the Let’s Talk LD College and Career Planning and Transition Conference for Learners who are Neurodiverse. Jessica’s presentation focused on the Empowering Autistic Scholars Program that she’s starting at Cal Poly SLO. It is a mentoring and research program to help incoming autistic students transition to university and develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed academically and professionally. 

iSchool Student Erin Castillo Presents at National Conference 


iSchool student Erin Castillo presented at the 2021 American Association of Zoo Keepers National Conference held in Los Angeles. Erin was one of four professional certificate course trainers and Erin’s particular course was on “Social Media In and Out of the Enclosure.” Erin taught zookeepers the differences between four major platforms, strategies to use each effectively, and how to leverage analytics to improve organic performance. Erin’s presentation was also featured as an unplugged workshop.

iSchool Student Francis A. Alix Publishes in Peer Reviewed Journal


Francis A. Alix, an MLIS Special Session student, has recently had an article titled “The History and Current Challenges of Libraries in Japan” published by SLIS Connecting, an open access, refereed journal of the School of Library and Information Science at the University of Southern Mississippi. It is a revision of a paper written for the International Librarianship course offered by the iSchool. The article examines the long history of Western-style libraries in Japan and the challenges they face in a global information world.

iSchool Student Jessie Stoner Co-authors Professional Report


iSchool student Jessie Stoner joined a group of librarians, library workers, and WikiWisdom, in creating a report of actionable ideas for libraries to use in the current misinformation filled information environment. The report is called Standing Up for Truth. Jessie contributed thoughts, experiences, and ideas to this project, and was responsible for curating the resource list at the end of the report. Jessie and the group presented the report over Zoom to then president of the ALA, Julius Jefferson.

Dr. Sandy Hirsh Delivers Multiple Presentations about LIS Education


Dr. Hirsh has delivered multiple presentations about LIS education at various conferences. 

  • Crafting a Resilient Future: Leadership, Education, & Inspiration: A Toolkit. (2021, September). Speaker on an ALISE Webinar panel, Online.
  • NOW – NEW – NEXT: Seizing the opportunities to redefine and reimagine professional development through online learning. (2021, August). Invited panel speaker for IFLA CPDWL Session at the 2021 IFLA WLIC conference, Online.  
  • The Rise of Online Education: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Teaching and Learning. (2021, March). Speaker on an iFederation panel at the 2021 iConference, Online.
  • What Has 2020 Taught Us About the Information Ecosystem (2021, February). Invited paper presented for NISO Plus 2021 virtual conference, Online. 
  • Mapping LIS Education Programs. (2021, February). Invited paper presented for IFLA’s Building Strong Library and Information Science Education (BSLISE) Working Group, Online. 
  • Live Chat: Special Libraries – Info Pros in GLAM Roles & Beyond. (2021, February). Invited paper presented as part of the Ontario Library Association (OLA) Super Conference, Online.

Dr. Sandy Hirsh Selected for the Inaugural Class of Distinguished Members for ASIS&T


Dr. Sandy Hirsh has been elected for the Inaugural Class of Distinguished Members for the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T). ASIS&T’s new signature designation, the Distinguished Member Program is an elite status attained by those with a demonstrated commitment to mastering their profession through sustained educational pursuits and a proven track record of service to both their community and the information science and technology field.

iSchool Student Renée Torres Delivers Multiple Presentations about DEI


iSchool student Renée Torres (graduated in Dec 2020) delivered multiple presentations about diversity, equity and inclusion in her last semester at iSchool.

She as invited to collaborate with USC Norris Medical librarians for a DEI Week presentation based on work completed during her internship:

  • Schilperoort,  H., Torres, R. A., Chatfield, A., Saric, K. (2021). Graphic medicine for diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. University of Southern California, DEI Week.

She gave a lightning talk at MLGSCA’s Spring Symposium:

  • Torres, R. A. (2021, March). Graphic medicine, cultural competency & DEI. Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona, Spring Symposium. 

She delivered a poster presentation at 2021 Medical Library Association’s Annual Conference:

  • Torres, R. A. (2021, May) Graphic Medicine and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Medical Library Association, Annual Conference.

Dr. Sandy Hirsh and Dr. Sue Alman Publish Article about Blockchain


Dr. Hirsh and Dr. Alman recently published an article titled “Using Blockchain to Get Information When You Need It from Wherever You Are” in Information Matters. Their article explored the possibility of providing a universal library card (ULC)  to everyone through the use of blockchain. They believe the implementation of a ULC would enable disenfranchised users in partner libraries to gain access to information—enabling them to locate human services, jobs, and housing.

Director of Online Learning Bethany Winslow Presents about Virtual Worlds


iSchool Director of Online Learning Bethany Winslow participated in an online panel presentation titled “Virtual Worlds: Growing Opportunities for Rich, Immersive, Distance Experiences” at the SUNY Empire State College Learning with Innovative Technology Conference. She co-presented with Dr. Eileen O’Connor of SUNY Empire State College, and one of her graduates, Scott Dolphin. In addition to speaking, she also presented an immersive demonstration of the webXR platform Mozilla Hubs.

Dr. Michael Stephens Presents at Next Library International Conference


Dr. Stephens, in collaboration with Stacie Ledden, Director Of Strategic Partnerships at Anythink Libraries, delivered an online interactive presentation titled “Finding Joy Again” at the 2021 Next Library International Conference in Aarhus, Denmark. 

Dr. Anthony Chow’s IMLS Grant Featured in “Cherokee One Feather”


As part of his IMLS grant, titled “Reading Nation Waterfall”, Dr. Chow recently visited Cherokee in July and distributed 150 books at the Qualla Boundary Head Start and the Qualla Boundary Public Library. This trip was featured in the Cherokee news site “Cherokee One Feather”, showing the impact of the project. 

Dr. Michele Villagran Publishes COVID-19 Related Research


Dr. Villagran’s recent publication, titled “COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean: Experts examining legal responses”, was published in Canadian Law Library Review. Since March 2020, a group of librarians, professors, and legal professionals have been monitoring legal responses to COVID-19 throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Each member of the project is currently following various countries within this region. Dr. Villagran’s article describes how the project was created and highlights the initial challenges in terms of securing and evaluating trustworthy sources of information in the middle of a pandemic.

iSchool Continues to Partner with Loyola Marymount University Library on IMLS Grant 


Representing iSchool, Dr. Lili Luo will continue to work with Loyola Marymount University Library on a high-impact national program, the ”Institute for Research Design in Librarianship (IRDL)”. From 2014-2019, IRDL received funding from IMLS to provide a successful research training and mentoring program for novice librarian-researchers. Recently, IRDL has received another three years of funding from IMLS to transition the proven in-person training experience to a sustainable synchronous online format. More information can be found here.

iSchool Faculty Collaborate on Publication about Student Use of Mobile Devices for LIS Coursework


A team of iSchool faculty and student, Dr. Michael Stephens, recently retired former Director of Online Learning Debbie Faires, and student Nikki Rudiger, co-authored an article titled “Student Perceptions and Use of Mobile Devices for LIS Coursework: Implications for Educators”. This article, published in Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, offers insights regarding the use of mobile devices by students to help educators in Library and Information Science (LIS) and across disciplines better understand their current and potential use. 

Dr. Lili Luo’s Recent Research Examines Impact of the Pandemic on Library Use


Dr. Luo  recently co-authored an article titled “Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Chinese College Students’ Information Behavior and Library Needs: A Qualitative Study”. This article, published in Library Quarterly, studied the library use and library needs of Chinese college students during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Gateway PhD Student Stephen Abrams Awarded Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship


Stephen Abrams,  head of digital preservation for the Harvard Library and a student of the iSchool Gateway PhD Program, was awarded a Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship in July 2021, for his doctoral study, A Communicological Critique of Evaluative Norms for Digital Preservation Success. This $3,000 award is given by Beta Phi Mu, the international honor society established to recognize and encourage scholastic achievement among library and information studies students.

Gateway PhD Program Alum Dr. Africa Hands Receives IMLS Grant


Dr. Hands, assistant professor at Eastern Carolina University and alum from the iSchool Gateway PhD Program, has been warded the Early Career Development grant from IMLS. Dr. Hands will investigate the ways in which public libraries in Central Appalachia support the college literacy of nontraditional prospective students through information and services. Project goals are to highlight the nature of public library support for nontraditional prospective students and to identify libraries that may serve as exemplars to library practitioners who want to serve nontraditional college-bound patrons. 

Dr. Michele Villagran Serves as Faculty Advisor for IMLS Grant


Dr. Villagran will serve as faculty advisor for the Bridging Knowledge: Supporting Indigenous Scholars Into the Field of Librarianship, an IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian grant, of which iSchool is the educational partner, with other partners: Alaska State Library, Alaska Library Network and American Indian Library Association. Dr. Villagran will serve as faculty advisor for the 15 Alaska Native, American Indian and Native Hawaiian students who will be recruited to apply for this scholarship program.

Dr. Anthony Chow and Grant Project Team Visit Community Partners


Dr. Chow is the PI of “Reading Nation Waterfall”, a three year, $1.4 million IMLS funded project focused on increasing access to literacy and libraries for Native American children across the country. He and UNCG LIS student Anna Sink visited project partners with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Cherokee, NC. During their visit they met with library partners, gathered community data through surveys and in-depth interviews with community members. Several book giveaways were hosted and from this visit alone over 150 books were distributed to the children in the community. For more information about this visit, see news announcement on the project website and the slide presentation.

Dr. Anthony Chow’s Article Featured in The Informed Librarian Online 


The Informed Librarian Online has selected Dr. Chow’s article, titled “A 360 Degree View: The Ideal Qualities of Library Leaders and Employees”, as an Article of Interest in their July/August 2021 issue for their Premium Members to read.  Each of their monthly issues, in addition to linking directly to the latest tables of contents of over 320 journals with links to full-text as available, selects a few journal articles to highlight for their readers.

Dr. Souvick Ghosh Co-authors Workshop Report for CHIIR


Dr. Ghosh was a co-author in the report on future conversations workshop at CHIIR 2021. The Future Conversations workshop at CHIIR’21 looked to the future of search, recommendation, and information interaction to ask: where are the opportunities for conversational interactions.

  • Spina, D., Trippas, J. R., Thomas, P., Joho, H., Byström, K., Clark, L., … & Sitbon, L. (2021). Report on the Future Conversations Workshop at CHIIR 2021. In SIGIR Forum (Vol. 55, No. 1, p. 22).

Dr. Souvick Ghosh Shares Research with iSchool Student Communities


Dr. Ghosh recently shared his research with iSchool student communities. He was invited to contribute a paper to the School of Information Student Research Journal:

  • Ghosh, S. (2021). Designing Human-Computer Conversational Systems using Needs Hierarchy. School of Information Student Research Journal, 11(1), 3.  

He also gave an invited talk for SJSU ASIS&T. The title of the talk was: Advancing Information Systems using A.I. – A closer look into Voice-based Conversational Systems and its applications in Library Science.

Dr. Kristen Rebmann As a Guest Scholar for #SJSUScholarChats


Dr. Rebmann will be a guest scholar for  #SJSUScholarChat, a summer activity featuring faculty guests in a conversation on social media. 

To participate in an #SJSUScholarChat, please follow @SJSUCFD on Twitter. At the start of each session, a tweet will be shared to introduce the guest scholar and their chat topic. To interact with the guest scholar, people may pose a question, comment, share images connected to the chat topic, etc. Please remember to use the hashtag #SJSUScholarChat to be part of the conversation. 

Dr. Michael Stephens Presents at International Conference


Dr. Stephens recently presented at the “III International Conference [Re]Think the Public Library: The New Normal”. Dr. Stephens’ presentation, titled “Wholehearted Libraries – Meeting the Needs of Community”, was part of Panel 3: Digital connection: New opportunities for the use of technologies.  Here’s the link to download his presentation slides.

iSchool in Virtual Worlds & Virtual Reality


iSchool faculty Drs. Pat Franks and Marie Vans, along with Bethany Winslow (Director of Online Learning, iSchool) and other colleagues, presented a panel discussion on May 15th, 2021 at the second annual international Educators in VR conference Univirtual Experience 2021, held in AltspaceVR.  The session, VR Headset and VR Desktop: Make Room for Both, allowed each presenter to share their unique perspective on their continuing work as they explore and compare different virtual environments for teaching and learning. Watch the video to hear more. 

The seventh annual international Immersive Learning Research Network Conference (iLRN) 2021 was held in Virbela and other virtual environments from May 17th through June 10th. Marie and Bethany created an exhibit for the immersive learning project showcase. They built the exhibit in the conference-sponsored browser-based virtual platform of FrameVR. Anyone can look at their exhibit space from this link, but the exhibit was promoting a much larger collection of exhibits at the iSchool Mozilla Hubs room. This collection of 15 connected browser-based, interactive 3D virtual spaces, built by Bethany and Marie, is accessible on any device and showcases the work of iSchool faculty and other colleagues. Visit the room for yourself – or just watch this fly through video.

For iLRN, Bethany also hosted three more immersive field trips to her virtual world Limiland, located in the Kitely region of OpenSim. Conference participants were invited to come aboard the Amani, a large scale cruise ship, and explore the extra credit activity she developed in late 2020 for a cruise ship operations management course at SJSU. You can get a good feel for this experience in this Amani Cruise Ship Simulation video.

To keep up with iSchool faculty, staff, or students who are involved in virtual worlds and VR, look for updates at the VCARA blog and at Bethany’s iSchool blog Burning Man in Cyberspace.   

Drs. Pat Franks and Darra Hofman Participate in SSHRC Partnership Grant


Drs. Franks and Hofman will participate in a Partnership Grant from The Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. The project is titled Archives 4.0. It is headed by Dr. Luciana Duranti at the University of British Columbia. Drs. Franks and Hofman are co-applicants and SJSU is a partner on this project.