2022-2023 Archive


Dr. Michael Stephens Speaks at Ferris State University Workshop


Dr. Stephens gave a presentation at Ferris State University Workshop, titled “Wholehearted Service: Meeting the Needs of Community”. Dr. Stephens discussed how services steeped in humanism, compassion, and understanding should be the cornerstone of what we do, and why we do it, for all members of our campus communities.

Dr. James A. Hodges Hosts Online Event about Digital Preservation


Dr. Hodges recently hosted an online event sponsored by Andrew W. Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical Bibliography at Rare Book School. This virtual symposium explored the materiality and historical value of digital texts, with special attention paid to methods for preservation and analysis.

Drs. Michele Villagran and Darra Hofman Publish Article about Queer Privacy Protection


Drs. Villagran and Hofman recently published an article titled “Queer Privacy Protection: Challenges and the Fight within Libraries” in the International Journal for the Semiotics of Law – Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique. Their article examines the challenges of queer digital privacy within libraries in the United States, focusing on the polysemous, boundary-crossing nature of queerness, the digital and the material, privacy, and libraries (as both concepts and institutions).

Dr. James A. Hodges Publishes Article about Preserving Algorithmic Systems


Dr. Hodges recently published an article with co-author Dr. Ciaran B. Trace in the Journal of Documentation. The article was titled “Preserving algorithmic systems: a synthesis of overlapping approaches, materialities and contexts”.This article aims to advance a multifaceted framework for preserving algorithms and algorithmic systems in an archival context.

Dr. Souvick Ghosh Publishes Article about Conversational Search


 Dr. Ghosh’s recent article, titled “Exploring the economics of conversational search sessions”, was published at the Aslib Journal of Information Management. His two co-authors were two iSchool students - Julie Gogoi from MLIS and Kristen Chua from MS in Informatics.

Dr. Virginia Tucker Presents at ACRL Conference


Dr. Tucker recently presented at a panel titled “Casting a new conversation: Recognizing information literacy as a discipline” at the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Annual Conference. She and other panelists discussed how information literacy aligns with the characteristics commonly identified with disciplines, and described how they believe the recognition that it is a discipline will further outcomes for information literacy instruction and research in the contexts in which they work.

Dr. Michael Stephens Keynotes at North American Virtual Reference Online Conference


Dr. Stephens recently delivered at keynote speech at North American Virtual Reference Online Conference 2023, titled “Wholehearted Libraries: Meeting the Needs of Community”. In this keynote, Dr. Stephens discussed how we should bring our hearts to work, and explained that qualities such as open-mindedness, emotional intelligence, and reflective action are all part of this process. 

Dr. Jessica Bushey Publishes Article about Participatory Archives


Dr. Bushey’s new article, “A Participatory Archives Approach to
Fostering Connectivity, Increasing Empathy, and Building Resilience during
the COVID-19 Pandemic” was published in Heritage as
part of the Special Issue The Impact of COVID-19 on Cultural Heritage. This article explores two pandemic-era projects conducted by the Museum and Archives of North Vancouver (MONOVA) using a participatory archives framework during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Ulia Gosart’s Work Featured in San Jose Mercury News


Dr. Gosart’s work on helping Ukrainian librarians digitize books and documents was featured in a news article titled “How a San Jose professor is using technology to save precious books in her Ukrainian hometown” in San Jose Mercury News. 

Dr. Darra Hofman Presents at Spring 2023 University Scholar Series


Dr. Hofman recently delivered a presentation titled “’Forever or Five Years’: Recordkeeping and Human Thriving” at SJSU Spring 2023 University Scholar Series. Her presentation explained how archival science’s ancient principles can improve our digital future, providing ways to examine new technologies and answer questions about trust, decision making, and power through the perspective of not just years, but centuries.

iSchool Students and Dr. Anthony Bernier Present at LIS Pedagogy Chat


Recently iSchool students Amber Passey and Ben Brown, along with Dr. Anthony Bernier, gave a presentation titled “Running a Student Journal” at LIS Pedagogy Chat, a community of practice for faculty and professionals who teach in LIS. 

Drs. Michele Villagran and Darra Hofman Publish Article about LGBTQ+ Students’ Library Privacy


Drs. Villagran and Hofman recently published an article titled “‘It’s hard to know what we should be doing’: LGBTQ+ students’ library privacy in the COVID-19 pandemic” in Sexualities, a SAGE journal. Utilizing a multi-method, multidisciplinary approach, this research examined the information and privacy risks imposed upon or heightened for LGBTQ+ university students by COVID-19, with a focus on the roles of libraries and librarians.

Dr. Michael Stephens Speaks on Library Land Loves Podcast


Dr. Stephens was interviewed on the Library Land Loves Podcast. He talked about empathy – why it’s important and tools to help us develop our empathy muscles. Adjacent to the important topic of empathy is compassion fatigue and how the work that we do requires us to take care of ourselves, to step out our work roles, take time for dreaming and find joy in our lives and our work.

Dr. Michael Stephens Speaks at RAILS Conference


Dr. Stephens, as an invited speakers, gave a presentation titled “Wholehearted Research: Pragmatic, Inclusive, and Meaningful” at RAILS 2022 Conference. RAILS stands for Research Applications, Information and Library Studies, and its 2022 conference theme was “Off the RAILS: Changing research for changing times: Exploring new perspectives, themes, audiences and trends in LIS research”.

iSchool Student Outreach Specialist Sheila Gurtu Presents at NACADA Annual Conference


iSchool Student Outreach Specialist Sheila Gurtu recently presented at the 2022 NACADA Annual Conference. Her conference presentation was titled “Leveraging Digital Tools for 100% Online Graduate Student Success”.

Dr. Souvick Ghosh Presents at National and International Conferences


Dr. Ghosh recently delivered the following presentations at national and international conferences:

  • Caceres, I. &  Ghosh, S. (September 2022). The Sound of Music: From Increased Personalization to Therapeutic Values. Presented at the 2022 Information Seeking in Context (ISIC) conference, Berlin, Germany.  [Best Paper Nomination]‍
  • Shah, C., Shapira, O., Chow, A., Glaser, N., & Ghosh, S. (September 2022). AI; UX and Usability; Cybernetic. Presented at the 2022 Information Science Summit. 
  • Villagran, M., Hofman, D., & Ghosh, S. (Oct 2022). Understanding Sexual and Gender Minority Privacy. Presented at ALISE 2022 Annual Conference. 

Dr. Ulia Gosart Presents at International Conference


Dr. Gosart presented the following two posters with her former students at the 2022 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums:

  • “Protecting Indigenous Music in the Public Domain: HathiTrust Digital Library Case Study”
  • “Native Students in LIS Education: Historical Trends and Suggestions for Future Advancement”

Dr. Anthony Bernier Presents at Professional Conferences


Dr. Bernier recently presented at a number of professional conferences in the field of library and information science:

  • Bernier, A. (9 September 2022).  Reading backwards: Strategic reading for scholarly purpose. ALISE Pedagogy Chat (online): https://tinyurl.com/3ehcndts
  • Bernier, A.. (June 2022). Making the case for teens in outcomes measures. California Library Association. Sacramento, CA.
  • Bernier, A. (June 2022). Feels like begging: Considering the experiences of first-generation professionals. California Library Association. Sacramento, CA.
  • Bernier, A. (June 2022). Rebuilding teen social capital. YALSA President’s Task Force (keynote). American Library Association, Washington D.C.

iSchool Faculty Acknowledged for Supporting Library Colleagues in Ukraine


iSchool faculty Dr. Ulia Gosart, Dr. Anthony Chow, and Dr. Sue Alman have organized a fundraiser to purchase the scanner and file preservation station for Cherkasy library in Ukraine and help support a drawing competition among the internally displaced children in the Cherkasy region (primarily village libraries) and in the city of Cherkasy. The winners of the competition will be invited to Cherkasy for a ceremony during which they will receive the prizes. The collection of the best drawings will be exhibited in the Cherkasy library, starting on October 14th, which is the Ukrainian holiday to commemorate the soldiers and the Ukrainian army.

The Cherkasy government formally acknowledged these efforts from the three iSchool faculty. In the Certificate of Gratitude, they stated that the aid “will serve thousands of users of the regional library, contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage, the development of library work, and the strengthening of international collaboration.”

Dr. Souvick Ghosh Presents at International Conferences


Dr. Ghosh delivered multiple presentations about his research at international conferences:

  • Cannon, E., Crouse, B., Ghosh, S., Rihn, N., & Chua, K. (2022, January). “Don’t Downvote A\$\$\$\$\$\$ s!!”: An Exploration of Reddit’s Advice Communities. In Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
  • Franks, P.C., Ghosh, S., Hofman, D., & Mooradian, N. (2022).  “AAA”: Are you an AI-Aware Archivist?. At 2022 NAGARA Annual Conference: Exploring the Information Wilds! 
  • Ghosh, S. (2022). Addressing Selection/Appraisal Biases with Artificial Intelligence. At Artificial Intelligence in Archival Appraisal & Selection, International Council on Archives/Hub for AI Research in Archives.
  • Ghosh, S., Schuh, J., Bunn, J., Bell, M., Young, P., & Venkata, S. (2022). Guidelines for the use of AI in archival Appraisal/Selection. At Artificial Intelligence in Archival Appraisal & Selection, International Council on Archives/Hub for AI Research in Archives. 

Dr. Sandy Hirsh Invited to Speak about Blockchain and the Future of Librarianship


Dr. Hirsh was invited to present about the applications of the Blockchain technology in LIS and the future of librarianship.

  • An Introduction to Blockchain Applications in the Information Professions: Hype, Speculations, and Implications. (2022, May). Keynote presented at the International Conference on AI and Blockchain (ICAIB 2022) for Information and Library Science – Challenges and Possibilities 2022, Online.  
  • The Future of Librarianship: What It Means to Be an Information Professional Today. (2022, March). Invited speaker for SJSU ASIS&T Student Chapter Speaker Series, Online.

iSchool Faculty Partner on IMLS Grants


Dr. Anthony Chow and Dr. Darra Hofman are partners with the Northern Cheyenne Tribe on an IMLS grant project titled “Seeking Immortality: The Northern Cheyenne Preservation Project”, which aims to to develop a model and toolkit to showcase the use of virtual reality (VR) technology to preserve and share the tribe’s cultural heritage. 

Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran partners with SJSU Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library and San Jose Public Library on an IMLS grant project titled “BIPOC Become Librarians”, which seeks to establish a pilot mentorship and internship program to introduce undergraduate students who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) to careers in Library and Information Science.

Dr. Lei Zhang Publishes Articles on Linked Data and Indexing


Dr. Zhang’s recent publications examine linked data in cultural heritage institutions and the story of indexing.

Article Co-authored by iSchool Faculty and Student Receives Recognition


The article, ”Student perceptions and use of mobile devices for LIS coursework: Implications for educators”, authored by Dr. Michael Stephens, Nikki Rudiger, and Debbie Faires, has been selected by the ACRL DOLS Research & Publications Committee for the Top 5 post on Supporting Online MLIS Students. The Committee reviews a variety of publications to select the best on a topic area. The Top 5 post is published on the DOLS Top 5 site.

Dr. Michele Villagran Writes about Cultural Competence for SRJ


Dr. Villagran’s recent publication was an invited article published in the School of Information Student Research Journal. The article was titled “Cultural Competence in Research”, focusing on four areas: 1) defining cultural competence, 2) examining the importance of including cultural concern in the research process, 3) offering examples of recommended criteria for culturally competent research, and 4) including models utilized in research.