Alumni Electronic List
Interact with iSchool Alumni


The iSchool offers an electronic list for alumni to stay in the know about school happenings and share information with other alumni. Subscribing to this list is optional. (Note: The iSchool does not control who is posting or how frequently.)

Subscription Management

  • Subscribe to ISCHOOL-ALUMNI

    Please follow the steps below to subscribe to the iSchool Alumni list:

    1.  To subscribe to the Alumni list, compose a blank email and address it to: 


    Do not include anything in the body of the email message.   Send the email.  

    2.  You will receive an email reply that includes two options for confirming your subscription.   You can either reply directly to the email in order to confirm your subscription (this is the quickest method, and what we recommend), or you can click on the “Join This Group” button at the bottom of the email.     If you choose the second option, then there are two additional steps, which are shown below.

    3.   After clicking on the “Join This Group” button in the email message, you will be taken to a Google Groups page, where you will need to click on the following button:

    Click the Join Group button




    4.   After you click on the “Join group” button, you will receive a final screen where you can adjust your subscription settings and join the group:

    Choose your subscription options




  • Unsubscribing: To unsubscribe from the iSchool Alumni list, repeat Step #1 above, except this time address the email to:  “
  • Managing Subscription Options and Viewing Message Archives (Optional): Managing your subscription options and viewing the message archives requires you to have a Google Account. If you do not already have a Google Account, you can create a Google Account which is linked to your non-Google email address. Please note that this is optional. A Google Account is only required for certain tasks.

Sending Messages to the List

Messages to all subscribers of the list must be sent to the proper email address: See instructions for sending messages to the list.