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The following are recordings of past workshops, organized by topic and date. Although many are several years old, the insights are timeless and well worth your review. They’re a great way to learn more about the basics of Networking, Resumes and Cover LettersJob Search, and Interviewing among other LIS career topics.

Your LIS Career Starts Here!

Description: Did you know that the SJSU School of Information has one of the most comprehensive and useful career resource information sites in the entire library and information science field? Come find out more as we explore the Career Development site. Learn about all the iSchool resources to help you consider and choose your career direction; discover different work options and opportunities; jumpstart your networking and job search skills, and build the strategies and structures that will lead to your new career. Access Recording


It’s just smart to be thinking about your career options throughout your studies. But the closer you come to actually making the leap from student to new grad, the more you need to focus on what you can do while a student to make the transition to employed professional as easy (and fast!) as possible. Join iSchool career advisor Kim Dority for advice on what to do now to help open doors as a newly minted, job-hunting LIS professional. Access Recording

Career Coaching Office Hour

Description: Join Jill Klees, former iSchool Student and Alumni Career Consultant, for a career coaching office hour. In the recording she shares job search questions from students like, “Is it OK if my resume is 3 pages?”, “How soon is too soon to follow-up on a job I applied for?”, “Do people still use an objective statement?”, “What does it mean when I’m applying for jobs but I am not hearing anything back?” This informal session has lots of tips and resources. Access Recording



Description: Successful networking is not just for the extroverted, talkative, and outgoing. I’ll share with you my success tips and strategies to help the reluctant, introverted, and shy networker make meaningful connections. Yes! It is possible. Access Recording


Description: Are you a self-proclaimed introvert, wallflower, or just plain reluctant when it comes to meeting new people even though you know how important networking is to your job search strategy? You are not alone! Join other MLIS students and learn how-to start conversations, develop your personal networking style, keep networking connections alive, and more. Access Recording

Resumes & Cover Letters

Secrets to Writing a Great Cover Letter

Join me for an informal discussion on the do’s and don’ts of writing an attention-grabbing cover letter. A great cover letter is not a summary of your work experience or a recap of your resume. Tune in to learn the three main sections of a cover letter, how to make it employer-focused and how using the right language can change your letter from passive to confident. This workshop is appropriate for current students and recent iSchool graduates. Access recording

Update Your Resume NOW!

Description: Join me for an informal discussion, ask questions, and learn how to integrate your­­­ LIS experience into an awesome, well-developed, and targeted resume that represents you as the information professional you are. Learn about contemporary formatting, how to develop descriptive accomplishment statements, and how to tailor and target your experience to the LIS field. This workshop is appropriate for current students and recent iSchool graduates. Access Recording

Job Search

Graduated? Now What?

Description: Congratulations on completing your MLIS! Now let’s put it to work. Join me for this interactive workshop outlining steps to develop your job search strategy and make a realistic and purposeful plan of action. This is an open Q&A format for anyone looking for a job. Come with an open mind and all of your job search questions. Access Recording

Transferable Skills and the LIS Degree: How to Market Your LIS Skills to Job Markets Outside Libraries

Description: Join me for a discussion about how to sell ALL of the information organization, communication, and collaboration skills you’ve developed in library school for non-library job markets. Come prepared with questions! This webinar is appropriate for current iSchool students and recent graduates looking to expand their job search and is co-sponsored by SJSU’s ASIS&T Student Chapter. Access Recording

The Value of Internships and More

Description: Gaining LIS experience while you are a student is a key ingredient to your post-MLIS job search success. Join me to learn more about the value of internships and volunteer experiences and how getting involved in student activities and including your course projects on your resume can all be considered viable related experience. Access Recording


It’s Time to Step-Up Your Interviewing Game!

Description: I’ll show you how to take your interviewing skills to the next level. Join me to learn tips on how to: mentally prepare and boost your confidence for your next interview, master the basics of first-round interviews, and close the deal on your second round interview. Access Recording

Interview like a Super Star!

Description: Why should I hire you? Why do you want this job? What are your top 3 strengths and how can they help my organization? Can you answer these interview questions like a superstar? If not, join other MLIS students and learn how to prep for your next interview, craft answers to common interview questions, and boost your interviewing confidence. Access Recording