Charles Ludwig


Charles Ludwig

MLIS 2021
Director of Equity & Title IX; Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinator
University of Findlay
Findlay, OH

What I am doing now.

I am now very happy and proud to be serving as the Director of Equity & Title IX; Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinator at the University of Findlay after recently completing 25 years of Navy service. I am a recent graduate from the iSchool at San Jose State University with my Master’s in Library and Information Science. Love that I am now able to leverage my time as an Equal Opportunity Advisor in the military and the education we received in iSchool to have an impact on students and faculty/staff members on a daily basis. In this role, I am leading a team that is committed to creating a safe environment for everyone, supporting a campus culture that celebrates healthy relationships and mutual respect. We commit to respond to incidents, support individuals through University processes while also educating our campus community.

This is truly not where I saw my life moving when I made the decision to enroll in our degree program back in 2020. However, after seeing this opportunity open up (in an area where my wife and kids were already living), I knew I had to take the chance. I remain open to library jobs and in fact applied to two positions at our campus library, I feel I have found my place in the academic world in this position. While some would think that an MLIS degree is not as valuable when switching into this career field, I can say that is far from the truth. The studies we have undertaken related to diversity and building an inclusive environment have proven invaluable so far. My colleagues here at UF have shown some level of surprise when I tell them I am a Library and Information Studies graduate, but after discussing what our field is truly about, I think they understand the connection between Civil Rights/Title IX, the U.S. military, and library work. The skills I acquired through SJSU have had a direct impact on my work today, and I encourage current students to not be afraid of pushing their personal boundaries and the “box” they may have placed themselves into when beginning their studies.

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

Using the organizational skills that we all generated in our time in iSchool have been vital in this role, along with our commitment to diversity in the academic and professional environment. Knowing how to evaluate a culture within a given community has already paid dividends, as has lessons I learned in establishing programming that resonates with our community.

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