Explore the SJSU iSchool Virtual Expo!


Come explore the SJSU iSchool Virtual Expo (UPDATED LINK COMING SOON), a fully immersive and interactive virtual reality (VR) space that will give you a comprehensive introduction to the San José State University School of Information MLIS Program.

The SJSU iSchool is using browser-based virtual reality platforms (i.e. Spatial, FrameVR) to give students and faculty members an easy way to learn, collaborate, and build highly customizable immersive environments that are accessible on any modern device. While they can be experienced with a VR headset, these environments run entirely in a web browser with no account login or special headset needed. Participants can use voice or text chat, and rooms can hold multiple people at a time. This initiative is part of the iSchool’s commitment to provide an educational experience that is high tech, high touch, and high quality.

How to navigate the space

Click  ”Join Room”. There are embedded instructions to navigate using your mouse and keyboard. Use WASD or the arrow keys to move forward and backward and left and right, and also use your mouse to click and drag to turn yourself around or “teleport” forward.

You may visit a room as a guest (without creating an account) or follow an onscreen prompt to sign in. You can connect via Google or create accounts of your own on different platforms. For example, if you create a ReadyPlayerMe avatar, you can connect that account and use your customized avatar in multiple virtual environments.

  • NOTE: Some functionality may be limited when logged in as a guest. You will be able to move around and view a room, but may not have the option to change or rename your avatar, or use some of the communication features.

Learn all about our MLIS Program.

The San José State University School of Information offers a variety of learning solutions designed specifically for the 21st century information professions.

With our fully online delivery model, students gain the flexibility and convenience of living anywhere while they pursue their educational goals. 

The Master of Library and Information Science degree program prepares graduate students for exciting careers as information professionals who work in myriad information environments and professional positions.


Explore our career pathways. 

The career pathways are presented as an introduction to various careers and topics and are intended to be used by MLIS students for career planning and course selection. Many students choose courses from more than one career pathway, building comprehensive skillsets that are transferable to a wide range of organizations and career opportunities.

We invite you to learn more about each of these pathways by clicking on the links on each poster.



Read about some of our notable alumni.

From the sample of alumni showcased in the Virtual Expo space, you can see what a wide range of careers our alumni have gone on to pursue. The 12,000+ alumni of the SJSU iSchool include teacher librarians, library directors, records analysts, academic librarians, and even the State Librarian of California, Greg Lucas.



Learn about our available services for students.

In the Virtual Expo space, you can watch videos related to Career Services, get introduced to the multilingual Student Services team, and learn about the technical services staff who are on hand to help you to acclimate and succeed in an online program.