Faculty Research Committee


Committee Members

  • Dr. Anthony Bernier  (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Lili Luo (Co-Chair and CIRI Coordinator)
  • Dr. Jessica Bushey
  • Dr. Kristen Rebmann
  • Dr. Geoffrey Liu
  • Dr. Michele Villagran
  • Dr. Lei Zhang
  • Megan Price (Part-time faculty representative)
  • Sophia LaMonica (Alumni representative)
  • Katrina Williams  (Student Representative)


  • Liaise with campus research supports
  • Explore professional development opportunities for faculty’s research advancement
  • Encourage faculty to use CIRI to identify potential collaborators in research, including both fulltime and research-active adjunct faculty members
  • Provide support and feedback by serving as reviewers (or identifying reviewers) for manuscript or grant proposal drafts
  • Encourage faculty to serve on grant review panels to gain experience
  • Deliver a research colloquium each Fall and Spring showcasing faculty, masters student, doctoral student research –from the San José State University iSchool or other places
  • Encourage faculty and student co-publications
  • Build relationships outside of the school (within the University, in the Silicon Valley, other national and global relationships)​