Incomplete e-Portfolio or Organizational Consulting Project and Disqualification — INFM 211


Students receiving an RP in INFM 211 must successfully complete the missing or unsatisfactory work for a grade of Credit within the specified RP time period (2 years). Students who have an RP (report in progress) and who are not taking other classes, will be required to sign up for a 1 unit class, INFO 1290R each semester (after the initial semester of INFM 211) until they complete the ePortfolio. 1290R is only available in the spring and fall semesters. Failure to register will result in a hold being put on graduation until the unit is retroactively added, and a late fee will be associated with the retroactive action. The fee for INFO 1290R is $280.

Students with RP grades will be notified by the Registrar’s office when they can enroll in INFO 1290R. It will be after the last day to add for the semester. Even though they will not be enrolled in INFM 211 again, students should begin to work with their e-Portfolio advisors on the first day of the semester. The 211 RP students will be added back to their advisor’s 211 Canvas site on the first day of instruction, to be able to submit their work to their Portfolio advisor. Failure to complete the assigned work will result in an RP grade being converted to a No Credit “NC.”

Disqualification from the Informatics Program and Right to Appeal

Students receiving a grade of No Credit twice in INFM 211 will be disqualified from the Informatics program.

Students may appeal disqualification from the Informatics program under the SJSU Academic Senate Policy S16-16 -III. Please also see Students Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. The first step is to direct a letter to the iSchool’s Coordinator of Admissions and Academic Advising (Graduate Advisor) with a copy also sent to the Director of the iSchool. The appeal letter must provide the facts to be taken into account in evaluating your request. The Coordinator of Admissions and Academic Advising (Graduate Advisor) will convene a faculty committee for review of the issues raised and make a recommendation to the Director who will advise the student of the iSchool’s decision.