James Scott


James Scott

MLIS 1999
Sacramento Public Library
Sacramento, CA

What I am doing now.

I run the Special Collections of the Sacramento Public Library, known also as the Sacramento Room. We’re a unique place because we’re both a traditional library with a beautiful reading room and plenty of books in sight, but also an archive with a preservation plan and nearly 100 manuscript collections. We publish, program, maintain digital collections, and do what we can to support our researchers and their interests/goals re: local history.

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

Preservation management is a core task as is archival reference. Linda Main and Terry Crowley were both solid mentors in these areas. Even from an information retrieval standpoint, I still put to use many of the search techniques presented by Bob Wagers. Overall, SLIS provided a meaningful theoretical and practical education and really got me ready for a life as both a librarian and archivist.

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