Linda Muller
MARA Program Advisory Committee Member


MARA Program Advisory Committee member Linda Muller currently serves as the Vice President of Records and Information Management of IST. She is a Certified Records Manager (CRM) and Information Governance Professional (IGP).

Early in her career Linda was drawn to RIM by the challenge of managing information in an industry driven by very intelligent, smart, and creative lawyers requiring a high degree of responsive client service. In such an environment, Linda enjoys finding ways to make organizations and their ways of working more efficient and effective. She finds it particularly rewarding, for instance, to present the Findings and Recommendations report after an exhaustive current state analysis. The typical reactions of senior executives, such as “I had no idea that was happening” or “How can we fix that situation?” still amaze her. Many remain unaware of the current business processes that daily impede the competiveness of simple information management. Linda believes that providing a roadmap and timeline that take an organization from current state to future state is both rewarding and challenging. Whether a “quick win” or a complex workflow redesign involving significant technology migration, Linda describes developing the solution for positive impact as a consultant’s dream.

Although no two days in her work are alike, Linda’s “best” days are those days that she spends at client sites working with her customers building solutions for information compliance, improving productivity, reducing cost, or educating people about the merits of an effective information management program.

The most challenging component of her work is change management. Even though organizations acknowledge that their information management requires an overhaul with refreshed policies and procedures or greater automation, not everyone embraces change with the same level of acceptance. Thus, this remains a consultant’s biggest challenge and requires patience and persistence—two characteristics that Linda has learned to nurture in herself and in others.

Finally, Linda would like to offer the following advice to up-and-coming Records and Information Management professionals:

Try to get as much practical “hands-on” experience as possible—put the theory and concepts to work:
    Stretch your current knowledge into areas that are unfamiliar—learn and explore
    Maximize technology—be creative and resourceful
    Find your passion—work it forward
    Make every minute count!

Contact information for Linda Muller, CRM, IGP
Vice President, Records and Information Management
934 Glenwood Avenue SE, Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30316
Phone: 678-771-3368