Lourdes Johnson


Lourdes Johnson

MLIS 2019
Preservation Science Fellow

San José, CA

What I am doing now.

Thanks to a HACU internship opportunity, I was selected to participate at the Library of Congress, as Preservation Science fellow. I am assisting researchers from the Preservation and Testing Division. I am currently working with semantic web applications and protocols to expose data from a research project funded by the Mellon foundation. One of my goals is to build a visual assessment ontology using linked open data to be shared and reused over the internet among professionals from cultural heritage, and scientific repositories.

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

Fundamental concepts of building a taxonomy, a controlled vocabulary, and a thesaurus. Cataloging of resources: Knowledge of metadata design and implementation. Knowledge of semantic web language to describe the structure of an ontology so it can be readable across platforms over the internet. Knowledge of markup language such as HTML. All of these I have learned at the iSchool in the process of getting my MLIS degree with an Advanced Certificate in Digital Assets Management.

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