Math Requirement: Elementary Statistics


STAT 95 – Elementary Statistics (3 units)

Hypothesis testing and predictive techniques to facilitate decision-making; organization and classification of data, descriptive and inferential statistics, central tendency, variability, probability and sampling distributions, graphic representation, correlation and regression, chi-square, t-tests, and analysis of variance. Computer use in analysis and interpretation.

Satisfies B4: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning.


UNVS 15 – Statway: Statistics-Concepts & Methods (3 units)

Concepts and methods of statistics with an emphasis on data analysis. Topics include methods for collecting data, graphical and numerical descriptive statistics, correlation, simple linear regression, basic concepts of probability, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for means and proportions, and chi-square tests.

Lecture 1 hour / Activity 4 hours

Satisfies Completion with a grade of C- or better satisfies the GE Area B4: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning requirement.