Meet-Ups Fall 2022


Peer mentors for INFO 203 are conducting optional sessions for new students in the first few weeks of the fall semester. Seats are limited, but the link to a recording will be posted here, as soon as it is available. (Generally 24-48 hours after event.)

Please see the details on this page to learn about each session, and then use the RSVP form linked below to register for a session. If you do not see one of the sessions listed in the RSVP form, it means the session is full and has been closed. 

NOTE: In order to accommodate everyone, please do NOT register for more than two meet-ups. Thank you.

Meet-Up RSVP Form

Tapping into Community: How to Enhance Your MLIS Experience, Aug. 8 2022 6pm Pacific

Online classes can be an isolating experience. With so many classmates scattered across the country (and sometimes even around the world), staying motivated and feeling connected to a community of other library students gets tough. Are you MLIS’ing right? What other experiences can you get outside of classes? And can I please just talk in real-time to a human about all this? Join Erin and Emily for a run-down about how to tap into the iSchool’s ready-made communities by taking part in our student organizations.

Peer mentors conducting this session: Erin Castillo & Emily Espanol

See the recording of this event (iSchool Restricted Materials login required). 

Making Space for a Workspace and You: iSchool Edition, Aug. 9 2022 2pm Pacific

Unsure of how you will be able to balance yourself and school? Worried about whether or not you will constantly distracted while working from home? Contemplating about whether or not you will even have enough space at home to exist as a student? After a brief presentation to hopefully answer these questions, we will hold an open space for participants to ask questions on all things iSchool that (hopefully) can be answered as well!

Peer mentor conducting this session: Jaximus Park

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Crash Course in Information Professional Careers/Work Settings, Aug. 10 2022 5:30pm Pacific

Come explore a variety of options you might never have considered as an information professional. We’ll share our insights about careers and work settings. This meetup is a great one to attend in conjunction with the one being offered tomorrow by Kim Dority, the iSchool’s Career Advisor. We’ll be focused on the student perspective. Bring your questions!

Peer mentors conducting this session: Cynthia Cuevas, Hannah Martin, & Nery Alcivar-Estrella

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MLIS and Youth Services, Aug. 14 2022 2pm Pacific

Are you interested in a career in Youth Services? Learn about the ins and outs of working with our youngest populations, from birth to teens, and the important role information staff play in early literacy, healthy development, and programming. We will be sharing our professional experiences and how our MLIS journey impacted us. Following a short presentation, there will be plenty of time for questions and answers!

Peer mentors conducting this session: Allison Bridgewater & Jessica Tse

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Stronger Together: Tips and Tech for Successful Teamwork, Aug. 14 2022 6pm Pacific

Many hands (and cool tech!) make light work! Join us as we explore and share some great tools to make group collaboration easy and fun!

Peer mentors conducting this session: Claire Bowling, Imani Singleton, & Samantha Warriner

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Study Success: Hacks for Getting the Most out of Readings, Aug. 15 2022 4:30pm Pacific

Have you ever found yourself staring at the same page of an article, bleary eyes scanning mindlessly over the same paragraph without getting anywhere? Or perhaps you turn the page and realize you have no idea what you’ve read? Expending this kind of hopeless energy in an already compressed schedule can be disheartening to say the least. There’s good news though! There’s hope! Join this Meet-up to learn hacks that will keep your brain engaged in the reading process to save you time, reduce stress, and increase your retention dramatically.

Peer mentor conducting this session: Jason Bond

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How to get an A, Aug. 17 2022 6pm Pacific

Do you want to ensure you get the highest grade possible? Are you fearful of online grad school for one reason or another? Did you get your undergrad degree in something slightly less academic? If so this meet-up is for you. Join us to learn straightforward tips and ways to do well in your classes even if you’ve struggled in the past. Topics discussed include picking classes and teachers that are good for you, decoding confusing assignments, using the rubric to get 100%, and more.

Peer mentor conducting this session: Elizabeth Cespuglio

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Holistic Health in Grad School: Supporting your Mind and Body, Aug. 18 2022 4pm Pacific

Are you returning to school after many years? Or perhaps you’re balancing this program with significant existing professional, personal, and academic obligations? Grad school is challenging in the best of circumstances, but for many of us who are seeking our degrees in less-than-”traditional” circumstances, it can be even more so. And it can take a significant toll on our physical and mental health if we’re not careful. Join us to talk about holistic health, balancing personal wellness with academic success, and the myriad resources that are available to us as students in this program! We will share personal stories, talk strategy, and support each other in maintaining holistic wellness during the MLIS experience. Can’t attend at this time, but still want to connect with other students around balance and taking good care of yourselves during graduate school? Check out our teammates, who are addressing similar challenges and resources in their panel, “When You Hit Burnout: What to Do if You Need to Pull the Ripcord.” That’s on August 22 at 6pm Pacific.

Peer mentors conducting this session: Susan Singley, Kathryn Manis, & Morgan Gwynn

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When You Hit Burnout: What to Do if You Need to Pull the Ripcord, Aug. 22 2022 6pm Pacific

We hate to think of it as a possibility, but burnout and crisis moments can happen while in grad school. This is knowledge we hope you won’t need, but will be crucial if you do. As grad students, we spend our time and energy doing everything we can to succeed, from planning out every detail to belaboring all the important decisions. But even with all the preparation and critical thinking in the world, sometimes things still won’t go our way. Join us as we discuss our experiences with burnout, what to do if you find yourself needing additional help and resources (both in school and out), and the steps to take when you just can’t see your way through and need to step away. Can’t make our talk, but still interested in learning about maintaining a healthy approach, potentially preventing burnout by having a good self-care practice, and finding the resources you might need? Attend our teammates’ presentation on “Holistic Health and Graduate School” on August 18th at 4pm!

Peer mentors conducting this session: Sarah Martin, Susan Singley, & Kathryn Manis

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