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SJSU forms are maintained by the Office of the Registrar on Office of the Registrar: Forms Web page or by Graduate Admissions and Programs on GAPE: Forms Web page.

Please check the two sites above.

Change of Program for iSchool Students changing to other iSchool programs within the college (CPGE)

Newly Admitted Students: University policy requires students to stay with the original program they gained admission, until their first semester is under way. For example, a MARA student admitted to start in a Fall semester (wishing to change to MLIS), would enroll in INFO core courses their first semester, and contact the iSchool Evaluator at GAPE beginning on October 1, to be changed to MLIS for the upcoming spring semester. An INFM student admitted to Spring (wishing to change to MARA), would enroll in MARA courses their first semester, while contacting the iSchool Evaluator at GAPE no earlier than April 1, for a fall change of graduate program.

An iSchool applicant whose application has not yet been evaluated for an admissions decision, but who wishes to change their program plan, may do so immediately, by contacting the Graduate Admissions office directly.

Currently enrolled students who want to change to iSchool graduate program within School of Information programs: Contact the Coordinator of Admissions and Academic Advising first, for approval, and to receive instructions on completing the online form.

Currently enrolled students who want to change to a SJSU graduate program outside School of Information programs: Complete the Change of Graduate Program Petition online. Choose “Professional & Global Education” as the college you are transferring from.

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