Thesis Chairs


The following three faculty members are willing to review proposals for a suggested Master’s thesis.

In all cases, a preliminary thesis proposal needs to identify the research topic, show the originality of the research based on a literature review, contain a proposed research methodology, and a timetable of research implementation.

Proposals should fall within the areas of interest of the faculty member.

Dr. Anthony Bernier

Administration and Management
History of Libraries and Library Science
Information Literacy and Instruction
Libraries and Society/Culture
Public Libraries
Serving Multicultural Populations
Young Adult Services

Dr. Mary Ann Harlan

School Libraries
Information Seeking and Use/Information Behaviors
Information Literacy
Learning Design
Instructional Practices (Particularly Online)

Dr. Harlan is only interested in qualitative research–will not chair a thesis that involves quantitative research.

Dr. Geoffrey Liu

Information seeking behaviors
User and usability study of information technologies
Online teaching/learning and instructional design
Group dynamics, communication, and collaboration
Analytics and data mining (of circulation, traffic, etc.
Experimental design and quantitative methods