Welcome to The Librarians’ Wellness Era: Trends for 2024


Published: January 18, 2024, by Loida Garcia-Febo, Health and Wellness Ambassador

New year, new resolutions. All librarians have goals. Some want to finish researching and submitting a paper, others want to design cool programs for library patrons. Usually, lists of goals for the new year include items such as performing well at work, researching, attending conferences, applying for grants, figuring out solutions, and having a sharp mind to deal with anything that comes our way.

How can we excel in meeting our goals? I believe it all comes down to our wellness status and the choices we have made to support our health. In this blog post, I look at what experts are declaring to be wellness trends for the year ahead.

  • Sleep:
    • Forbes indicates that Sleep Tourism will be huge this year, with people traveling to places mainly to sleep and recharge. Doing nothing will be trendy. To clear our brain, we must clear our schedule.
    • The AFPA, American Fitness Professionals and Associates, says Tech-Enhanced Sleep Solutions will put us to sleep better than ever. Smart mattresses and sleep tracking apps will be the main innovations.
  • Exercise:
    • Hobby-based movement will be a key motivating factor for people to exercise.
    • Fitness Tech which includes Virtual Reality Fitness and wearables will support exercise and fitness of individuals.
  • Cutting ultra-processed foods
  • Focus on Longevity
    • Following the Blue Zone Diet and lifestyle. People in the blue zones around the world seem to live longer and enjoy a high quality of life in their old age.
    • Doing things that bring them joy will increasingly become a priority for individuals.
  • Improving social connections
    • The Mayo Clinic will expand its Journey to Wellness program, including resources on how to make social connections, which is key for individuals to stay healthy.
    • Design of activities and spaces such as libraries will be crucial to support the social connectivity of communities.


Selected Apps to join 2024 Wellness Trends:

Sleep: Sleepwave, BetterSleep

Cutting ultra-processed foods: Blue Zones Diet, Vegan Bowls, Mediterranean Diet and Meal Plan

Longevity: Longevity AI, Blue Zone Challenge