Welcome to the SJSU Virtual Tour!


Explore the SJSU campus

Most iSchool students never step foot on the San Jose State University campus. They complete their degree entirely online, using their imagination to envision the palm trees swaying in the California breeze. 

With this virtual tour, students and visitors can walk the paseos, meander the hallways, check out the library, and see the sights of the Silicon Valley campus, nestled in the heart of downtown San Jose. We’ve highlighted select locations to help iSchool students visualize campus and learn about the university’s history and resources.

Try starting at Clark Hall (indicated in yellow), home of the iSchool offices, to learn more about iSchool staff and student resources. Other highlights include exploring the nine floors of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library and getting a video tour of the Diaz Compean Student Union. The tour was shot using a 360 degree camera, so enjoy exploring all around you!

Navigating the Tour

There are several ways to navigate this virtual tour. You can click through the photos in the “menu” at the bottom of the page. For a more immersive option, you can also click on the different buildings marked on the map and navigate using the white target symbols that transport you to other locations. The white info symbols provide facts about various campus locations and links to more resources. The blue location symbols will take you back to the map. Using your mouse, you should be able to turn in a complete circle to see more of campus, as well as zoom in or out. 

People with sensory issues may find the 360-degree camera footage to be disorienting, so please use caution.

If you want to visit campus in person, we suggest you use the more comprehensive maps and resources available on the SJSU Website.