Your Voices: Learning, Listening and Sharing
An Introduction


Your Voices projectThe School of Information and Applied Data Science Department recognize how critical it is to foster discussion and solicit input about advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion to educate the next generation of information professionals. Without an inclusive and culturally aware environment, our Academic Units cannot enhance the student experience or understand the value of their presence at San José State University.

Under the direction of Dr. Michele A.L. Villagran (she/her/ellá), Assistant Professor, Chair of the iSchool Diversity Committee, and Chair of the College of Information, Data and Society Academic EDI Committee; with the assistance of Student Assistant, Kara (K. René) Price okis (they/she/y’all), Mvskoke Creek; “Your Voices: Learning, Listening, and Sharing” aims to capture students’ voices in a space that allows conversations among underrepresented students to occur.

Your Voices project consists of three elements: four (4) EDI-focused webinars, four (4) community learning space (CLS) sessions, and four (4) quarterly e-newsletters occurring in the academic year 2022-2023.

Please visit the Your Voices site to learn more about each element and how you can participate. All current SJSU School of Information and Applied Data Science students are welcome to join the CLS sessions, and we want to hear from you for inclusion of your perspectives, stories, and voices related to EDI through our e-newsletter. 

Questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to