Zoom / Collaborate Comparison

Enter a Session ● Link on Canvas site in “Collaborate Rooms”
● Link provided via email or announcement
Link provided by meeting host via email or announcement
Host a Session Use a room that was set up for you Use your personal meeting room (every student and faculty member have one) or set up a new meeting
Test Speakers and Microphone ● Click Audio Set-Up Wizard Icon in BB Collaborate window
● Tools > Audio > Audio Set-Up Wizard
● Upon entering meeting, audio conference options window prompts
○ Join Audio Conference by Computer
○ Test Computer Mic & Speakers
● In a meeting, up caret next to microphone icon
○ “Select a Microphone”
○ “Select a Speaker”
○ Audio Options
■ Test
Speaking to Participants Click “Talk” button in Collaborate Audio/Video Panel ● Click Microphone icon to Unmute/Mute
○ Meeting Main Screen
○ Participants Panel
Away Status Click Away icon in Participants Panel At the bottom of the participants panel, click the “More” option to find the “Away” button
Raise Hand Click Hand icon in Participants Panel Click “Raise Hand” at the bottom of the Participants Panel to toggle on/off
Upload Presentations ● Join Collaborate room as Moderator
○ Click “Upload Content”
● Have Powerpoint or Google Slides open
○ Click “Share Screen”
○ Select Powerpoint or internet browser (for Google Slides)
Countdown Timer Moderator No Timer Option
  Moderator Host/Co-Host
  Session Meeting
  Moderator hears audio notification when hand is raised No audio notification for hand raise
  Preferences allow audio notification Preferences allow audio notification that participant has joined the meeting (meeting host: click “More” in participants panel, then choose “Play Enter/Exit Chime”)
  Audio notification for public and private chat in meetings No audio notification for public or private chat in meetings