Virtual Center for Archives & Records Administration (VCARA)

Part of SJSU's iSchool, VCARA is a MARA-created space and community based in the virtual world Second Life (SL). We offer many resources both in SL and online including annual conferences, events, exhibits, trainings, and webcasts.

VCARA is open to all students, alumni, educators, and other professionals interested in virtual worlds and any aspect of information science including archives, education, libraries, records, and special collections.

To get started, make sure your home computing environment meets the iSchool's requirements. Then go to and click the "Play for Free" button. Follow the website's instructions.

After you've signed up for Second Life, feel free to visit VCARA on iSchool Island. The SLURL is

For an orientation, contact Dr. Pat Franks.

The VCARA team also recruits iSchool student interns and volunteers each semester to help manage the space and to create and market events. To join the VCARA team as an intern or volunteer, contact Dr. Pat Franks.

For more information about VCARA and its upcoming events, visit the VCARA Blog and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Whether part of Second Life or not, anyone with an Internet connection can access our webcasts and other event recordings (called machinima) on our YouTube channel.