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Q: I have worked for the same employer for the past three years, but was promoted from Circulation Specialist to Head of Circulation nine months ago.

I currently have two separate entries for this on my resume: one for each position held. However, I’m concerned that if a prospective employer is skimming my resume quickly they may not notice that both positions are with the same employer. They may then assume that I’ve been job-hopping. However, I’m not sure how to lump them together without being dishonest or incredibly wordy in describing multiple positions. I haven’t been a department head for the entire three years – or is it acceptable to only list the highest position held? I’m not sure how to list two positions held with one employer.

A: This is a great question. One easy way to handle this is to write…

Head of Circulation, Company Name, City, State, include total dates here from when you started with the company to present

  • include your accomplishment statements here,
  • here, and
  • here, for both jobs
  • in the last bullet point, write – Promoted from Circulation Specialist.

That is it. Let me know if you have questions.


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