Research Life Cycle
Fernanda Nunez Gutierrez, Sloan Mckelvy, Stacy Rollstin-Weiland, Chelsea Simpson, Heather Wiarda, 2022 Showcase

Research Life Cycle

Research Life Cycle: In collaboration with community partner Nick Szydlowski, San Jose State University’s Scholarly Communications & Digital Scholarship Librarian, our project was to create a research life cycle with a focus on grant access. The Office of Research requested this focus on grant access to help expedite the research process to reflect the university’s desire to work towards becoming an R1 school. We were also tasked with making suggestions for improving the faculty services pages of the library website for a proposed redesign.

Fernanda Nunez Gutierrez

Fernanda Nuñez Gutierrez is currently a Library Technician. She currently serves her community at a small neighborhood library. Whether it’s presenting storytimes, assisting library users discover new resources, or helping someone find a book, Fernanda fully embraces her role at the library. Before working at libraries, Fernanda was a mediator for the California Superior Court system where she would use her communication skills to assist those in need of resolution.

When not working, Fernanda enjoys going on long walks, figuring out Philz’s Mint Mojito recipe, and listening to classic Indie music.

Sloan Mckelvy

Sloan Mckelvy: “I am currently an MLIS grad student and mother of 2, estimated to graduate in Fall 2022. I have a BA in Art Education and a minor in Business that I received in Spring 2020 from Humboldt State University. I have also studied abroad in Japan attending Hiroshima University for a year where I focused on classes on Tourism Studies and Japanese Culture. I am currently living on the Hoopa Valley Reservation where I hope to start my career once I obtain my degree. As for now I am enjoying my time raising my children (who are both under the age of two) and pursuing my hobbies during my free time. My hobbies include painting, embroidery, and reading.”

Stacy Rollstin-Weiland

Stacy Rollstin-Weiland: “I will graduate in the spring of 2022 with a focus on academic librarianship. Creating a Research Life Cycle has allowed me an invaluable insider perspective on the research process at a university. I am excited to take what I have learned at SJSU and Dr. Hicks’ course and apply it to my academic and professional endeavors. I live in southern California at the edge of the Mojave Desert. I live with my two sons, Atticus and Severin, and my husband, Kevin. I love to read, travel, practice Yoga, and research obscure things.”


Chelsea Simpson is a working public librarian by day and an MLIS student by night. She enjoys helping her community thrive while petting every dog she sees.

Heather Wiarda started her MLIS at the iSchool in the Fall of 2020 and is following the public librarianship and leadership and management pathways. She is the Adult Services Librarian at the Amery Area Public Library, and lives on a small farm with her husband, daughter, two dogs and three barn cats.