Sending Messages to a List


Electronic Lists: Sending a Message to the List

When you are ready to send a message to the list for all of the subscribers to read, complete the following steps. Note: this is a generic example. You need to substitute the name of the list you are using where you see [LISTNAME].

Go to your e-mail program and compose a message.

At the To: prompt, type [LISTNAME], substituting the name of the list.

Fill in an appropriate subject line, and send the message.

The text of the message along with the subject line will be sent automatically to everyone on the list (including you).


Subject: Class Schedules
Message Text: I found the list of the course descriptions on the iSchool site here. Check it out.

Extra Tips

Be very careful when replying to a message that was sent to the whole list. Most likely, you will not want to “reply to all recipients.” It is almost always best to just reply to the “original sender.”