Accessible Services and Inclusive Arts Programming in the Library
Greta Marti, 2020 Showcase

Showcase INFO 298 - Special Studies

Disability Services and Inclusive Arts Programming in the Library

Accessible Services and Inclusive Arts Programming in the Library* My special studies project explores accessible library services for people with disabilities, with additional research on inclusive arts programming. The project was completed under the supervision and guidance of Debbie Faires of SJSU’s School of Information and Carrie Banks of Brooklyn Public Library. As someone with a background in teaching an accessible acting class to adults with disabilities, I was eager to learn more about this kind of library work. Inclusive library programs contribute to lifelong learning and enrichment of disabled populations and promote disability visibility in our communities. My goal as an emerging LIS professional is to assist and discover creative ways that increase access to knowledge and provide experiences in the library for all. As a librarian-in-training, I hoped to gain knowledge of existing accessibility services and to find out what it takes to create new programs for this community. This project presentation demonstrates the summary of my research.

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Greta Marti

Greta Marti: I have just completed my second year of the MLIS program. My interest in librarianship and serving my community stems from my customer service and teaching background. My experience serving diverse customers in a retail setting and teaching students with disabilities offers a foundational and transferable skillset for the profession.