Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Law Libraries: Is this trend here to stay?
Marco Cazares, 2023 Showcase

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Law Libraries

Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Law Libraries: Is this trend here to stay?: This paper addresses the subject of artificial intelligence and its impact on law libraries. Notably, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence necessitates a swift response from library professionals. Through an extensive review of pertinent literature and a comprehensive interview with a practicing law librarian, this research highlights artificial intelligence’s potential by examining the human and artificial intelligence partnerships within law libraries. While the primary focus resides within the domain of law libraries, the insights obtained from this paper offer broader implications that resonate across diverse specialized library domains.

Marco Cazares

Marco Cazares began his MLIS journey at San Jose State University in the Fall of 2022, having previously graduated from California State University Chico with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. His initial career path led him to the realm of public safety, where he gained valuable professional experience. However, it was during his time working at Pixar Animation Studios that a newfound passion for Archives and Special Librarianship took root. He looks forward to finding new volunteer and learning opportunities that will drive him closer to reaching his career goals. Outside of school and work, he enjoys swimming, cars, animation, and movies.