Catholic Charities of Oregon: Community Library Development
Jason Bond, Sydney Clark, Melissa Lloyd, Norma Olsen, Katherine Pascacio, and Richard Pruiett, 2022 Showcase

Catholic Charities of Oregon: Community Library Development

Catholic Charities of Oregon: Community Library Development. In 2021, Catholic Charities of Oregon was awarded a significant grant from the Oregon Community Fund to develop summer school programming for children in six of their properties. With the funds, they were also able to build, furnish, and stock 4 libraries, currently at various stages of completion. These libraries were developed with the children of immigrants, refugees, farm workers, and people transitioning out of homelessness in mind. In preparing to open these library facilities to residents, three areas of need were identified: youth programming, volunteers, and library books (the collection). In response, we developed a website to help serve Catholic Charities of Oregon’s communities, with information and resources designed to help guide the development of the library collection, volunteer efforts, and programming.

Jason A. Bond

Jason A. Bond is a library branch manager in Eastern Washington State. He began his career in high tech manufacturing and gradually discovered that he wanted a career that was more socially impactful. He’s been with his library system for 8 years now.

Sydney Clark

Sydney Clark (she/her) received her undergraduate degree from Bucknell University. After a 17-year career in human resources and recruiting, she has spent the last 8 years working at the Winnetka-Northfield Public Library. She expects to complete her MLIS from San Jose State University in the Spring of 2023, with a focus on public librarianship and leadership.

Melissa Lloyd: “I have a BA in English and Speech, Communication, and Theater from VCSU. I was a stay at home mom for seven years and discovered our local library was a place where I could meet other moms and learn more about communities. When the children’s librarian announced she was retiring, I was encouraged to apply for the job. After 8 years as Youth Services Coordinator, I became Assistant Director. I love libraries, reading, helping people discover their next great book treasure and helping steer the library towards the future.”

Norma Olsen

Norma Olsen: “I am a school librarian at an International Baccalaureate High School located in Los Angeles. Our vision for our library is to empower our patrons and build a community that cares for the world we see, follows our curiosity, develop our genius because we can make a difference.”

Katherine Pascacio: “In 2016, I earned my BA in History from California State University Long Beach. This was my final semester in this program, I’m a little sad that I wouldn’t be taking any more fun courses. Before the pandemic, I was working at the Los Angeles Central Library as an administrative clerk. However, at the moment, I’m working as an administrative assistant at a nonprofit organization. Even though I’m not working at a library setting at the moment, I’m still able to assist underprivileged communities/families. As for my career plan, I would like to assist my community within a public library setting. However, I would not mind going to the special library route. While my future is uncertain, I feel that this program has prepared me for any career opportunity that may come my way.”

Richard Pruiett

Richard Pruiett: “I have been working in libraries for over 20 years and have served in a number of different positions ranging from page, to head of interlibrary loans, to supervisor, and now library manager. I have been wanting to get an MLIS for quite some time but now just seemed to feel right. Beyond that, I am married with two children. My wife is Jennifer, my daughter Ami is 13, and my son Michael is 18. My hobbies include video games, anime, and D&D.”